Should you watch “Marry Me?” I say yes.



Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in Marry Me.

I love the cheesy rom-coms where a dramatic incident forms an unlikely couple. No matter how often it’s done, the “we’re from different worlds” trope gets me every time. It’s entertaining to see a new couple try to fit into each other’s lives. “Marry Me,” starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson takes this plot device to the extreme.

In “Marry Me,” Kat Valdez, a pop superstar, and Charlie Gilbert, a middle school math teacher, are thrown into each other’s worlds after Valdez makes an impulsive decision at one of her concerts.

Before going on stage for her final number, Kat finds out that her fiancée – played by Maluma –  cheated on her. Heartbroken, she looks out into the crowd and sees Charlie holding up a sign that says “Marry Me!,” the title of Kat’s new song. In a spontaneous and powerful display of independence, she decides to say yes. Yes, she will marry this random man in the crowd. And thus, Kat and Charlie’s love story begins.

After watching the trailer for “Marry Me,” I knew this was not a movie I wanted to miss. I was surprised when I found out that Lopez and Wilson were releasing a rom-com together, but it was a more giddy and delightful surprise than anything else. The odd couple appeared to have genuine chemistry and the premise gave me Adam Sandler vibes, but in a good way. Like Adam Sandler in “50 First Dates” good.

The movie was very sweet. It was a story about two people scarred by love looking for something new. As an audience member, it was very easy to root for the main characters and their relationship. Although, it did seem like there were some random backstory side plots that did not need to be included.

As a viewer, I felt like Owen Wilson’s character could have been edited down. In the movie, Charlie Gilbert is a single father struggling to connect to his daughter. The people around him constantly remind him that he isn’t a “cool dad.” For as much as they reference how uncool and boring Charlie is – he doesn’t like to go out, he carries a flip phone and can’t compare to his ex-wife’s new husband – you would expect him to have some kind of epiphany or character growth.

Spoiler alert – he doesn’t, which made the berating seem pointless. The movie would not have changed if Charlie wasn’t a single dad and his daughter was instead just another kid in his math class. I kept waiting for the stepfather to show up and have a confrontation with Charlie, but it never happened.

On the other hand, I loved Lopez’s character. While Charlie doesn’t change, Kat goes on a beautiful character arc of self-acceptance. Aside from randomly agreeing to marry Charlie, all of her actions are rational and level-headed. She handles all interactions with her unfaithful ex-fiancée with grace and takes the time to get to know her new husband Charlie.

I applaud Lopez’s performance because plot aside, she took the opportunity to let people know that she can sing. Hardcore fans may disagree, but I saw this as Lopez’s redemption arc. Sure, she’s had lip-synch controversies in the past, and no, she isn’t the vocalist of a generation, but Lopez proved that she can hold a note and she can entertain! “Marry Me” viewers will enjoy a mini J. Lo concert when she performs on stage with elaborate costumes and dazzling choreography.

The “Marry Me” soundtrack, featuring songs sung by Lopez and Maluma, feels like a poppy throwback to mid-2010’s pop and is sure to put listeners in a dancing mood.

Should you watch “Marry Me?” I say yes! The movie will satisfy any rom-com enthusiast’s need for goofy, cheesy and feel-good entertainment.

“Marry Me” was released in theaters on Valentine’s Day and is available to stream on Peacock.