St. Vincent’s DeJamz


(Graphic by Max Kleiner / The DePaulia)

This is part two of the DeJamz breakup season. On the first breakup DeJamz, I primarily focused on female rage after a breakup, as I feel it’s a major part of getting over a lover. This time I wanted to go through all the stages after a breakup. From grief and anguish to anger to finally moving on, here are my recommended songs to help you through a tough time.

Strange – Celeste

This song kills me everytime. Shamefully, I first found it on TikTok and everything about this song perfectly reflects how quickly relationships come and go. “Stranger to friends, friends into lovers- strangers again.” This is the first stage after a break up where the world feels like it’s falling apart. So don’t worry, just put your headphones on and re-enact the scene of depressed Bella from New Moon. 

Favorite crime – Olivia Rodrigo 

My favorite song for crying in the shower. I can’t justify the amount of times I’ve listened to this song in the past seven months, but I feel this is a mutual feeling among most women in their twenties confused as to why they still relate to a 16-year-old’s break-up anthem. While new to the long history of breakup songs, Rodrigo took the lead and made it to my list of best breakup songs, just don’t listen to the unreleased version because it will hurt. 

Tell Me it’s Okay – Paramore

Throwback into emo Amber from 2012. Paramore was — and will always be — a fan favorite for breakup songs. This is the part of your transition out of love to where it’s awkward to still be upset about the breakup when the rest of your friends and family expect you to move on. This also is the shift from sadness to slow anger, the next phase after the breakup.

Night Shift – Lucy Dacus

The silent anger, the slow burn, this song is the perfect explanation of missing someone but wanting absolutely nothing to do with them, never to see them again. This is the full rage portion of your breakup journey. You hate them and uproot your whole life to move on. Cut your bangs and leave your day job because we are getting over it.

Smile – Lily Allen

This is the final phase of getting over the breakup. You move on, could care less about the ex and live your life. I love how cheerful this song is compared to the lyrics. “At first when I see you cry, it makes me smile.” While songs can’t change your love life completely, this song is as close as it can get.