Some good news this week


This week has sucked; with the possible Roe V. Wade overturning, Russia bombing Ukraine and Covid’s Death toll hitting one million, life has been so stressful it’s been difficult trying to stay connected with the news when all we hear is more and more terrible things happening around us. As the Arts & Life editors, we are supposed to bring entertaining and fun news each week to uplift and bring in readers for The DePaulia. While there are always new movies to go see, music to listen to and art to appreciate, the life section of Arts & Life has felt almost neglected due to all the recent sad news. Going into the journalism business, I am not naive about the long road ahead of writing constantly about bleak news. But while I am still The DePaulia’s Arts & Life Editor for the next couple of weeks, I wanted to take the time to find good news happening around us to remember why I wanted to be a journalist in the first place.

Good thing #1: Sunny days ahead 

So far, May has looked just as bleak as April did this year. With unnatural cold temperatures for spring, Chicago has not been providing the encouragement needed to break out of seasonal depression — until next week. Say goodbye to the rainy and gray 40s temperature, starting Monday May 9,  it’ll be 65 and above for the rest of the week. Best part of unnatural cold weather is how excited we get once it hits above 50 degrees. Like everyone, I try to think positively about the fact DePaul’s term doesn’t end until mid-June, and the warm weather to close out the year is one reason to stay positive as we near the end of this academic year.

Good thing #2: Tulips and cherry blossoms in bloom

The positive part of all the rain in Chicago is how well it’s treating our greenery. Considered a harbinger of spring, tulips of all shades can be seen dotting gardens and sidewalks, brightening students’ walks to and from class. The once miserable commute to and from can now be slightly better, adding a little pep in your step with these colorful additions on your path. Alongside these perennials, the cherry blossoms are officially in bloom and can be enjoyed in Jackson Park. These natural wonders are sometimes all we need to realize that no matter how gloomy the week may be, there are natural bright spots everywhere.

Good thing #3: Climate denialism lost a big platform 

Climate Change arguments have been getting worse and worse this year, with scientists chaining themselves in protest, it’s been difficult trying to find a positive outlook. In wake of the climate crisis, Twitter announced that they are working to challenge the debate head-on by banning ads relating to misinformation and denial of environmental destruction. As of now, misleading information relating to climate change cannot be promoted or legitimized. While this may seem small, it proves that steps are slowly being taken towards ending the fight against misinformation. Even something as simple as Twitter fixing misinformation can help toward the bigger picture of a more sustainable future.

Good thing #4: Sweet introduction to new bakeries

While the recent closure of Dinkel’s Bakery on Clark St. has been a bittersweet moment, the increase of new bakeries popping up in Chicago has helped fill this sugar-rimmed hole. Chicago Sugar Daddy patisserie, located at 3243 N Broadway is just one of the newest additions to the list and my personal favorite with its Ube Cookies. Along with Good Ambler and Sugar Goat Bakery both located in the West Loop, it’s hard not to find your new favorite place to pick up pastries while you enjoy the newly warm weather.

Good thing #5: Bright future for post-grad life 

While everyone around us is graduating right now, DePaul still has a couple weeks left before we wrap up. The positive part of this includes a warm enough season for graduation time. While leaving uni-life can be scary, positive news for job hunting helps soothe that worry. This graduation period, it is predicted that companies will be hiring 26.6 percent more college graduates from the class of 2022 than previously employed from the class of 2021, according to Fortune. We hope that this allows for current seniors who have not found luck in the job market to breathe a sigh of relief, for not all hope is lost! The finish line is so close till we can enjoy post grad life which is a personal exciting news to look forward to.