New comedy ‘Bad Guys’ a hit for Dreamworks



DreamWorks new animated movie “Bad Guys” earned $24 million opening weekend.

DreamWorks Animation’s film “The Bad Guys“ hit the theaters on April 22. The comedy and adventure animation film brings the setting of a team of five legendary heist members, led by the notorious Mr. Wolf. The four other members — Mr. Snake, Mr. Shark, Mr. Piranha and Ms. Tarantula — each possesses a set of special skills to make heist jobs easier and gives them the “bad guy” reputation. The “Go bad or go home” mantra is something they live by, and are motivated by facing their biggest heist yet: trying to capture the Golden Dolphin, which has never been done before.

Directed by Pierre Perifel, the cast of Richard Ayoade as Professor Rupert Marmalade and Awkwafina Ms. Tarantula added to play each character nearly perfectly fits the persona of everyone throughout the movie. Sam Rockwell plays the lead role as Mr. Wolf, complemented by the humorous roles of Anthony Ramos and Craig Robinson as Mr. Piranha and Mr. Shark, which makes for a good mix of seriousness and comedy. DreamWorks once again balances out the animation and storyline, making it an enjoyable film for all ages.

After newly elected mayor Diane Foxington calls out the Bad Guys for their lousy efforts and continuous bank robberies, she encourages the team to set out and take the Golden Dolphin which is the award for the person who has exemplified goodness. The comedy remains relevant and on point throughout heist sequences, portraying crime in a humorous way.

Those familiar with DreamWorks will be able to relate to the idea and break down how their movies are produced. Like “Shrek” or “Kung Fu Panda,” there are morals behind the film’s plot, but you also get the sense of comedy acclimated with the adventure and journey the movie plays out.

The Bad Guys get caught in their attempt to steal the Golden Dolphin, but they are given a chance at redemption when the recipient of the Golden Dolphin, professor Rupert Marmalade, convinces the mayor to challenge them to be good guys, and they will be set free to start over. Organized by Mr. Wolf and his manipulative attempt to play nice and innocent, the Bad Guys put on a show and displayed good behavior.

Despite the efforts of professor Marmalade, the attempt to make the gang “good guys” isn’t as easy as he thought. He challenges them by performing a heist to rescue thousands of guinea pigs.

Mr. Wolf is challenged the most; when he rescues a kitten from a tree, there is a moment in the film that exemplifies the potential good that he may pose. The rest of the gang may be under the impression that it was done as a stunt, but was it really?

The entire movie shifts when all along professor Marmalade was the one playing games against the mayor and Mr. Wolf and his team. Soon after Mayor Foxington sees what has happened, she comes to the rescue, getting the Bad Guys out of prison and making sure professor Marmalade does not obtain the full power from the meteor.

In the movie’s earlier scenes, professor Marmalade’s hidden evils are easier to see between the lines. His statue of him holding the meteor and its so-called “legendary love meteor” makes for a rude awakening when all along he takes the meteor when it is displayed for the first time. He uses the Bad Guys as a distraction because nobody expects it from him.

The Bad Guys turned out to be the good guys after all — they stuck together, and each had moments throughout the movie that displayed their good deeds. DreamWorks produced yet another riveting story line that turned something like crime into a moral story highlighting the pay off of doing good deeds