DePaul’s sick kicks on campus


Jonah Weber

Nancy Batsukh rocks a pair of Retro Jordan One’s while studying in the SAC.

Sneakers, boots, clogs and Crocs, these shoes are a quintessential part of any outfit and DePaul students are bringing the shoe flex this autumn quarter. Whether the students are traveling between classes in the Loop, or working on the Quad, these shoes fit every occasion. 

Sammy Billy is a senior, and was in the Loop campus last week and she had on a pair of New Balance 550s. Originally coming out in 1989, the 550s were not the most popular basketball shoe, considering the popularity of Jordans and Reeboks. They were off the map for decades. After being relaunched in 2021, the 550s have dominated the sneaker world. Billy has had her pair since July and they are a constant in her rotation. 

“They’re everyday sneakers. I wear them when I’m walking around, walking my dogs, running errands. They work with everything,”Billy said.

Billy was drawn towards the 550s for their durability, sleek look and dynamic style.

“I think the chunky sneakers have sort of run their course,” Billy said. “I really love New Balance. I think they’re the sneaker of our generation.” 

Noah Auerbach is a freshman at DePaul who is currently a city planner major, but thinking about taking up a fashion major.  

Auerbach was studying on the Quad last week with a pair of brown, leather cowboy boots. The boots were paired perfectly with a black belt with a silver buckle and olive green pants, placed perfectly over the boots.

“These are some thrifted cowboy boots,” Auerbach said. “I go to a lot of rag houses, filling up garbage bags for cheap. I really wanted a square toe and they finally came into my life when I needed them the most.”

Auerbach was drawn to the square toe boots for an authentic reason. 

“The square toe is a little more true cowboy, I feel like the pointed toe is a little overdone,” Auerbach said. 

Being from Louisville, Kentucky, this statement makes sense for Auerbach. 

Jonah Weber

Auerbach shared some of his past shoes he has had in rotation, and how his style has transformed since then. 

“I used to be pretty heavy into sneakers, but now I only want logoless. It compliments an outfit when you don’t have logos on you,” Auerbach said.

Auerbach also had some advice for anyone wondering if they personally should get a pair of cowboy boots for themselves.

 “I think anyone who wants to stand out as an individual in Chicago, Illinois should have a pair of cowboy boots,” Auerbach said.

Nancy Batsukh, a sophomore, was working in SAC wearing a classic Jordan sneaker. 

“When I wear baggy jeans I like to wear them or my dunks,” she said. These Retro Jordan Ones were picked specifically to compliment her outfit. 

Nike Dunks are a classic skate shoe that have also made waves in the sneaker scene since late 2019, early 2020, according to Zoë Vanderweide from Sotheby’s, a sneaker and fashion blog. Jordan Ones first premiered in 1985, and have never fallen off the map. 

Many pairs are still sought after by sneaker collectors all over and most pairs are impossible to obtain without spending at least $200. For anyone looking to get into the sneaker scene, a classic pair to start with would be the Jordan One Highs.

This is definitely a trend that can be seen more and more. Clogs have become an incredibly popular shoe choice in 2022. Clogs are a shoe that covers the whole foot, but leaves the back open, for easy on and off ability. The Birkenstock Bostons have become incredibly popular. 

Shoes can make or break any outfit. It’s important that they either subtly compliment an outfit full of statements, or are the start of a show with a monochrome outfit. A well rounded shoe collection is an essential aspect of any fashionable person’s wardrobe. 

Although most students lean towards sneakers, and sneakers remain one of the most popular shoes, Auerbach shared a thought that might come as a surprise. 

“The sneaker era is kinda going out,” he said. “Everyone is on it now. To differentiate yourself, you need to switch it up.” 

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