Review: Not your old fashioned donuts – Mochinut arrives to Lincoln Park


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Mochinut has served Asian and American dessert staples to Lincoln Park since Dec. 2022.

Tucked away on Fullerton Avenue, Mochinut brings a taste of Asia to Chicago with its Japanese style donuts, Korean corn dogs and colorful assortment of bubble tea. 

Discreetly opening last December, Mochinut offers daily fresh baked curated selection of its own style of mochi fusion between an American doughnut and Japanese mochi which originated in Hawaii. However, unlike other bakeries, Mochinut uses rice flour, leaving the dough stretchy yet crunchy. Additionally, the mochi donuts are formed from eight separate balls of dough, creating a floral pattern in the place of a traditional circle. 

Mochinut is a national chain, but this is the second location to open in Chicago, and the first on the North Side.

While only six flavors are offered, they are swapped daily, allowing for a brand new experience with each visit. On Wednesday, following Fat Tuesday, flavors ranged from king cake, to caramel praline and beignets. 

Lilly’s snack time

Starting with the caramel praline, I was surprised at how similar the mochi donut tasted to the funnel cakes served at the county fair. Sweet, light and airy, the caramelized dough seemed to melt in my mouth, pairing perfectly with the caramel icing and culinary nuts. 

I told myself I was going to only eat half since I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but that plan went out the window after taking my second bite. If you’re in the mood for something sweet yet not overpowering, I could not recommend this flavor more. 

I’m rating the caramel praline 10/10.

Nadia’s meal

Now getting into the thick of it, I had the basic Korean corn dog, with no extra toppings, with mozzarella cheese and plain coating. I wanted to get a feel of what the basic flavors would be and how they could be amplified with toppings. 

This was my first time trying a Korean corn dog, which differs from an American dog. They are deep fried with a hot dog, cheese, rice cake or fish cake, dipped with french fry bits and panko bread crumbs or ramen, instead of a pancake-like coating. I’ve been dying to get my hand on one for ages. But now, thanks to Mochinut, I can go after class anytime since it’s so close to campus. 

For about $5, this was the best thing to happen to me on a rainy day. My corn dog was warm, well-seasoned and filling. I got the cheese only dog, and it reminded me of a large mozzarella stick. I had some chipotle mayo on the side, but I wish I would have made myself try the Hot Cheeto option instead. A little extra spice probably would have made this meal a thousand times better, but for the first time, I chose to play it safe. 

Corn dog: 9/10 

Finally, I had a king cake donut which came with a small plastic baby on top, not inside where I could potentially choke. I would eat these over Dunkin’ any day. They were so light and fluffy, and the unique shape made it easier for a tear and share type of deal. This was such a perfect social media opportunity because all I wanted to do was take pictures of my food. I also love how the flavors will change either daily or weekly. It excites me to know I could show up whenever, and have a completely new menu to try! There was also a box where guests could add which flavors they would like to see in the future. I hope my choice of a matcha donut becomes available soon. 

I give Mochinut: 9/10

I am all for out-of-the-box snacks. I believe the food around Lincoln Park can be minimal, but Mochinut just might be my new go-to. Everything there seems like the perfect snack for $5-8 each. 

The seating options fit perfectly for a group up to eight or a small pair. The staff was super friendly and helped us when we asked for what they recommended. 

Mochinut will definitely see us again soon.