DeJamz: For the Gleeks


While DeJamz is used as a great vehicle to share a multitude of music tastes, I would argue all of them would be outshined by a “Glee” cover. There is an indescribable quality that is gained through the majesty that is Fox’s “Glee”, the product of the infamous Ryan Murphy. It is the height of camp, unbelievable moments and above all else many covers that I would argue outshines the original versions of the song. You’re all in for a treat. And how Sue sees it. On to DeJamz. 

“Mine” by Taylor Swift (“Glee” Cast Version)- Jake 

As Nadia and I are the resident Swifies of The DePaulia, it would be a huge oversight to not include this hit. Gut-wrenchingly sad, this is the breakup song of Brittany and Santana in season four. It’s a shame that Taylor Swift didn’t get a dedicated episode, but this song makes up for it. I can feel the tears welling up as I listen to this song again to write. This DeJamz may just be “the best thing that’s ever been mine”. 

“Don’t Rain On My Parade” by Barbra Streisand (“Glee” Cast Version) – Jake 

This may just be the ultimate “Glee” song. Its infamy got a new life in Lea Michele’s appearance as Fanny Brice in the broadway revival of “Funny Girl”. The day that was announced was quite possibly the best day of Twitter memes. I hate to say it, but Michele’s version is better than the original — it’s an earworm. It’s pure “Glee” insanity and fancifulness — I’m obsessed. 

“It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” (“Glee” Cast Version) – Nadia

Every summer, I rewatch “Glee”, and every summer, Rachel Berry makes me scream. I will go to my grave saying that she had a terrible character arc and did not deserve all her solos. Maybe it’s also the fact that Lea Michelle underwent multiple controversies, including an allegation if she could read. Anyways, one of the most heart-swelling moments of the series, no I am not including seasons 4-6, is Berry’s solo of the classic Celine Dion song at Nationals. How am I not supposed to cry? 

“Teenage Dream” (“Glee” Cast Version) – Nadia

Blaine Anderson is hands down one of the most talented characters to emerge in the entire show. Darren Criss most likely beat out every original artist when he performed a cover in Glee. This includes “Cough Syrup,” “Animal,” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Criss is an amazing performer which was proved when he played Harry Potter in a “A Very Potter Musical.” Of course, this song was a perfect introduction into the Warblers and Criss’s entrance into the show.

“Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me” (“Glee” Cast Version) – Jake 

Okay hear me out. The “Rocky Horror Glee Show” may be the show’s best musical feature. I’m biased — it reminds me of my own school’s struggles producing shows that the rural Illinoisans found less than savory. This song in particular scratches an itch in my brain, Ms. Pillsbury, played by Jayma Mays, doesn’t sing often but in this episode she shines. The scene of Mr. Schue, played by Matthew Morrison, shirtless is as horrifying as Rocky Horror. Shield your eyes!