St. Vincent DeJamz 10-7-13

You know that certain chill you feel on an October night that’s like nothing else? For me it’s filled with pangs of nostalgia, a need for hot apple cider, and a longing for my car and an open road to blast songs filled with feelings. This is my personal fall playlist that stems from feelings of growing up the fall of my senior year of high school and a longing for home (and a bit of heartbreak) during my freshman year of college. I’m older and wiser now (nope), but man, there’s still something about fall.

1. Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie There’s a space limit on this so I’ll try to be brief, even though I can and have written thousands of words about it. This song has been with me through all of the sad and nostalgic times. I officially deemed October “Transatlanticism” month. I have a tattoo of the bird on this album cover. This song/album is 10 years old this month. Crazy.

2. Home – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Three years ago I was crazy homesick in New York City and wanted nothing more than to be in the comfort of my hometown, even though I despise it. To all you homesick freshman out there – listen to this, it gets better.

3. Your Ex-Lover is Dead – Stars I’m going to admit something really embarrassing right now – I found this song from a Degrassi episode. I know. I’m ashamed. The strings in this song just make it seem inherently sad, but it’s also a real great breakup song when you’re still sad about it: “I’m not sorry I met you/I’m not sorry it’s over/I’m not sorry there’s nothing to say.”

4. Creature Fear – Bon Iver Can a fall playlist be a fall playlist without Bon Iver? No. Can anyone ever be too sure what Justin Vernon is saying when he sings? Also no. It’s not important.

5. Homecoming – Kanye West feat. Chris Martin Sometimes when you’re halfway across the country you just want to hear someone singing about Chicago. Kanye does it well.

6. Breathe Me – Sia Before she was doing songs with David Guetta, Sia was breaking my heart every fall. The piano mixed with her voice is a recipe for all of the feelings.

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