Prospective DePaul basketball recruits and their rankings

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On Sept. 15, highly touted recruit Paul White chose to go to Georgetown instead of DePaul. While coach Oliver Purnell lost out on White, there are still many big time recruits that the coaching staff has a chance at grabbing to solidify the future of Blue Demon basketball. These four players, denoted by their star ratings bestowed on them by ESPN, currently have DePaul in their sights. Roy Schmidt, a high school scout for the last 27 years, provides the analysis.

Cliff Alexander – ESPN star rating: 5

POSITION: Power Forward


DPU VISIT: 8/24/13

SCOUTS: “He simply goes to war game in and game out and takes no prisoners. Everyone knows about Alexander’s power game, but he has added so much more to his offensive arsenal to the point where he is virtually unstoppable.”  

Pat McCaw – ESPN star rating: 4

POSITION: Shooting Guard


DPU VISIT: 9/20/13 to 9/22/13

SCOUTS: “McCaw’s greatest plus is his versatility at both ends of the floor. He is capable of playing either guard position as he handles the ball well versus pressure and also shoots it well from mid-range.”  

Josh Cunningham – ESPN star rating: 4

POSITION: Power Forward/Small Forward


DPU VISIT: Unknown

SCOUTS: “While he spends the majority of his time playing on the interior for his high school team, Cunningham can be a dynamite 3-man at the college level. That is because he has proven he can play away from the basket…and from 3-point land.”  

Ronnie Harrell – ESPN star rating: 3

POSITION: Small Forward


DPU VISIT: Unofficial visit 8/30

SCOUTS: “Harrell is a sharpshooter with legitimate range that extends well beyond the 3-point line. He is quite adept at moving without the ball, utilizing screens and being able to spot up and get shots off quickly versus pressure.”