Get to know your editors: Haley BeMiller

What’s up! My name is Haley BeMiller, and I’m the Nation & World Editor. I’m a senior journalism major with a minor in international politics. I’ve been writing for The DePaulia since I transferred to DePaul my sophomore year, and becoming an editor was the logical next step. I wanted to join our fantastic editorial team sooner, but I studied abroad last semester and was unable to apply for a position because of that. Better late than never!

When I’m not working on the paper or slaving away for class, I tend to surf Tumblr and read the news. Like a lot. I’m also a big fan of being a complete beer snob. On Saturdays, you can generally find me spending time with my friends and boyfriend or watching Netflix – or sometimes all of the above.

My favorite thing about DePaul is, by far, the location. I’ve always been a city girl, and it didn’t take long for Chicago to feel like home. Not only is it a super fun place to live, but it offers so many opportunities for a prospective journalist like myself. Oh, and I’m a huge Blackhawks fan.

Surprisingly enough, the best class I’ve taken at DePaul so far is not a journalism class. I took a class called “Writing Censorship” my sophomore year in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse department, and it was phenomenal. It was brand new at the time, so there was a lot of spontaneity and trial and error. But despite that, I learned so much and was able to explore unique ideas about censorship and discourse that I had never discussed before (and haven’t since then).

I love eating sushi while watching strange documentaries. I’m secretly obsessed with House Hunters and not-so-secretly obsessed with Doctor Who.

You can’t take me away from my Macbook. You could try, but I don’t recommend it.
This summer, I’ve been readjusting to life in the United States while working an internship at an NPR-affiliate in my hometown. I’m excited for the school year to start because I haven’t been at DePaul since last fall quarter, and I miss it dearly.