Get to know your editors: Kevin Gross

Hey there! My name is Kevin Gross. I am a sophomore and the opinions editor for the DePaulia. Interestingly enough, I don’t study journalism; rather, I am a double major for economics and public policy.

I wanted to be the opinions editor because I have always particularly enjoyed writing opinion articles. As a writer, I feel as if writing opinion articles allows you to take stories to a new direction that may not otherwise be possible with a strictly informational article. Now that I am the editor of this section, I am excited to continue this tradition.

When I’m not in school I spend a lot of time with my camera, either exploring the streets and taking shots of new parts of the city or taking photos of the various antics my friends get involved in. I also spend a lot of my time watching my housemate AJ Lubecker perform standup comedy – check it out sometime!

On a Saturday night, it’s hard to say where exactly I would be; it seems like the revolving door of concerts, shows and festivals that Chicago hosts always provide something exciting to do.

My favorite thing about DePaul is how deliciously lively it feels. From the noise on Fullerton to the bustle of the Loop Campus to the wackiness that occurs on the weekend L trains, it feels like I am always kept on my toes.

I have already had a number of great classes, but I feel like there are three exceptional ones to highlight. Intermediate Macroeconomics with Prof. John Berdell was one of the most conceptually challenging yet rewarding class experiences that I have ever had. Rhetoric class with Prof. Natalie Tomlin was great; she provided me unparalleled feedback on my writing and helped teach me a number of rhetorical techniques that I use on the DePaulia to this day. Finally, there is Philosophical Inquiry with Prof. Howard Peter Steeves, which was an eye-opening class to say the least.

I love eating pizza puffs while scowling at other people’s ignorance of regional foods. Why do more people not know about the existence of pizza puffs?

On another food related note, I am secretly obsessed with possibly obscene culinary creations – although this may not be too secret to the unfortunate people of UHall who have smelled my notorious ramen-and-fishball soup. Oftentimes, I cook and eat under the philosophy that spices always make things better. Plus, pizza with anchovies and pineapple is really underrated! (I can only imagine the gasps as you read this.)

You can’t take me away from my stereo system. When I am in my home it seems like it is always on full volume playing anything from Radiohead to Raekwon the Chef to Ray Charles.

This summer I have been slaving away as a delivery driver at my local neighborhood Jimmy Johns, earning dollars one day at a time.

I am eagerly counting down the days until my return to DePaul; life in suburban PA just doesn’t compare to the dynamic Chicago lifestyle.