Weekend Mixtape: Hozac Blackout Fest 2013 sampler

    This week’s mixtape features 10 tracks from bands playing this year’s Blackout Fest. Enjoy!

    1.      “Chrome” by New Age

    2.      “I Don’t Wanna Be” by Unnatural Axe

    3.      “I’m On Fire” by Dwight Twilley Band

    4.      “Rocket to Nowhere” by Mike Rep and The Quotas

    5.      “I Was There” by Tommy Jay

    6.      “Love Goes Underground” by Pezband

    7.      “Wizzard Sleeve” by No Mongo

    8.      “Blocks” by Tyvek

    9.      “Eat Skull” by Space Academy

    10.  “Shut the Hell Up” by Buck Biloxi and the *ucks