You’re here for who? Part four

Mac DeMarco: For the last few years, hip-hop has become inundated with oddball rappers who seem to draw more attention for their crazy on-camera and onstage persona than for their music.  Finally, the indie rock world gets a piece of the gap-toothed pie, thanks to Montreal’s Mac DeMarco. He’s not exactly Riff Raff with a guitar, but he is definitely, shall we say, “out there.”  His latest music video for his single “My Kind of Woman” features him dressed as a woman, makeup and all, if that gives you any indication of what he’s like.

His music is similarly weird, in a way that is very enjoyable but still verging on creepy.  He sports a frying pan of an electric guitar on his album covers and in live videos, but is able to wrench some eerily seductive tones from it. The result is sometimes surf-y, sometimes lounge-y, and all at once an excellent soundtrack to sway to under the sun in Union Park. DeMarco is a natural entertainer – he can hardly sit still on stage, and randomly morphs his voice mid-song for comedic effect. Or maybe it’s a consequence of his heavy cigarette smoking habit, which he makes reference to throughout his lyrics and interviews – or maybe he’s just really weird.

In any case, he is certainly a breath of fresh air for the alt-rock scene, which in the 21st century has become overcrowded with bands and musicians who take themselves far too seriously. You would think there was some kind of moratorium on having fun if you’re in a guitar band, the way musicians today just leisurely stand on stage. DeMarco not only shows promise as a burgeoning artist, he is also one you won’t want to miss if you need to relax at Pitchfork on Saturday.

Chance the Rapper: If being on the cover of the Red Eye is any indication of big things to come, Chance the Rapper should start setting up his Roth IRA now. Regardless of his cover story, this 20-year-old Chicago native seems destined for greatness. He has made a name for himself over the last couple of years with mixtape releases and guest appearances, which have become the standard method of getting yourself out there in the modern rap scene. His Chicago ties might’ve helped as well, for this city is known for its breakout superstars like Kanye West and Common. 

Chance takes after Kanye in the form of his smooth flow with clever wordplay.  Although his common heritage with Chief Keef means he is automatically lumped into the same class of ignorant rappers, Chance is of a different breed. He graduated from the prestigious Jones College Prep High School, although he admits he did so just barely, thanks to an enduring marijuana habit. He also gained notoriety for a music video he filmed while supposedly on LSD in Mexico. 

Contrary to these anecdotes, Chance is a serious rapper with serious talent. He’s appeared on numerous releases with hometown favorites Kids These Days, and also with like-minded East Coast up-and-comer Joey Bada$$. Expect a set filled with soulful beats, as many of his productions are, as well as a heavily medicated MC rhyming over them skillfully.

Trash Talk: If you intend to see the Odd Future-associated hardcore act Trash Talk, come prepared for mayhem. The California band, consisting of a trio of crazy twenty-somethings, is known for their wild shows, although if you’re familiar with hardcore music, this will come as no surprise to you. The music consists of thrashing guitar riffs, manic drumming and vocals that are rarely sung and usually shouted, screamed or chanted. This musical style serves to whip the crowd up into a pitting frenzy full of crowd surfing, stage diving and maybe some punching. So if you’re into that, look no further.

Even if you’re not into that, Trash Talk is best buds with the whole Odd Future crew, which could mean an appearance by at least one of their members onstage or in the crowd. As we know from Pitchfork’s past, Tyler, the Creator is not above crowd surfing, even with his leg in a cast (although it might be different two years later, with him being a celebrity and everything). And Earl Sweatshirt is all about his chakra these days, so don’t expect him either.  But you can guarantee copious amounts of sweating and throwing of bodies at this show.