Despite an Inauguration day lip-sync scandal, Beyonc’ÛΩ rose to and is staying at the top

Generally, “She is my girl!” is the first statement that comes out of people’s mouths when you mention Beyonc’ÛΩ Knowles, and this may be for good reason. Her songs, whether it’s “Crazy in Love,” “D’ÛΩj’Ûξ Vu” or another, have been stuck in our heads for more than a decade. This year, though, Beyonc’ÛΩ’s career may have its most memorable, noteworthy and possibly scandalous year yet.

Beyonc’ÛΩ seems to have begun the year on a sour note with last week’s lip-syncing controversy. Different sources are reporting different things, but Beyonc’ÛΩ is widely believed to have lip synced at the Presidential Inauguration. This wouldn’t be the first time, though, that a performer has “faked it” at the Inauguration: In 2009, musicians Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman reportedly did not actually play their instruments at the Inauguration because of the inclement weather.

Despite this controversy, Beyonc’ÛΩ has a big year planned. She has announced both a new solo album and a new album with her old group Destiny’s Child. More than that, though, Beyonc’ÛΩ will be seen by millions of viewers at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

The halftime show headliner was dubbed Woman of the Year by Billboard in 2009, but this title is just one of her many achievements. Having won seven Billboard awards, 16 Grammys, 12 MTV Video Music Awards and countless other accolades, Beyonc’ÛΩ has gained national and international recognition for her artistry.

Beyonc’ÛΩ is no stranger to performing in front of massive crowds, and she is known for her powerful and often moving performances. Last August for World Humanitarian Day, Beyonc’ÛΩ performed an emotional rendition of her song “I Was Here” in front of a touching montage of humanitarian “movers and shakers.” As moving as it is to experience online, the crowd full of weeping fans gives a hint to just how powerful of a performance she gave.

This Super Bowl, though, she may have her biggest audience yet. Last year, the Super Bowl had more than 111 million viewers and was the third Super Bowl in a row to set a record for the highest-rated television show ever.

Whether Beyonc’ÛΩ is making us ache for summertime friends and fun with “Party” or stomping out a bass-bumping anthem with “Who Run the World,” she’ll do it in four-inch heels and a bedazzled unitard with ease. If you haven’t already, give Beyonc’ÛΩ’s music videos a chance to prove that she is a star of all stars.