Midnight Movies at The Music Box Theater this weekend (Jan. 25-27)

Miami Connection (1987)

A newly dug up b-movie classic from 1987. Filmed in Florida, the movie features motorcycle riding ninjas, a cheesy synth rock band, an anti drug message, and a story about friendship and brotherhood thrown in for good measure. If that description alone doesn’t convince you to see it, nothing will. Scratch that, maybe the trailer will below.

Playing Friday, Jan. 25 and Saturday, Jan. 26

Videodrome (1983)

Considered director David Cronenberg’s magnum opus, Videodrome recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The film follows a freelance television producer looking for a new underground show. Using his satellite he picks up a channel that is broadcasting what seems to be torture porn. His wife watches the channel, and disappears soon after. Transgressive and unflinching in its commentary on media, Videodrome is a must-see.

Playing Friday, Jan. 25 and Saturday, Jan. 26

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