GTKYE Holiday Edition: Zoe

Online Editor Zoe Barker is spending her break maintaining online content for the DePaulia as usual and working her other on-campus job in Classroom Technologies. She’s mainly cleaning the podiums your professors like to spill coffee on and making sure the projectors and computers are ready to go for winter quarter. Zoe lives in the suburbs with her boyfriend and cats and is enjoying the holiday season with them and her family and friends (who is she kidding? she’s mostly spending time with her cats…). Every year, Zoe’s extended family has a party the weekend before Christmas at which they eat delicious food and have a huge white elephant gift exchange. Zoe loves spending time with her extended family and especially catching up with her cousins. Zoe’s parents do a Christmas Eve appetizer dinner that she is looking forward to very much and she and her boyfriend have started a tradition of watching the Muppet Christmas Carol that night too. It is Zoe’s niece’s first Christmas and everyone is very excited — especially Zoe, since she loves any excuse to buy her things.