GTKYE Holiday Edition: Courtney

Arts and Life Editor Courtney Jacquin is spending her winter break working a bunch, as per usual, finishing out her internship at CS Magazine as well as being a master sandwich maker at Jersey Mike’s Subs. Courtney loves Christmastime more than a lot of things, so she’s spent her free time decorating her apartment, riding the holiday train on the Brown Line, attending the Nutcracker, ice skating at Millennium Park, building gingerbread houses and visiting the Chriskindlemarket. Courtney’s boyfriend doesn’t like Christmas as much as her, so she’s making it her personal mission to change that. Courtney’s family does the majority of their Christmas celebrating on Christmas Eve where her mother makes a stupid amount of appetizers for the entire night and Courtney pisses everyone off by turning The Nutcracker on TV. Christmas Day is spent with her dad where they see a movie (hopefully Les Mis this year) and go out to eat. The rest of the holiday time will be spent hoarding time with her boyfriend before he goes off to grad school in Georgia.