Weekend Mixtape: Retro Electro

Last night I watched the stylized retro neo-noir action film Drive starring Ryan Gossling. Alongside that I’ve spent the past few weekends playing the indie game Hotline Miami. What do both of these share in common besides stylized violence? An awesome retro 80s synth style soundtrack of course. So go find a pink tux or some neon leggings, press play, close your eyes, and let the retro vibes wash over you. 



1.      Jasper Byrne- Miami

2.      Kavinsky- Nightcall

3.      Desire- Under Your Spell

4.      College & Electric Youth- A Real Hero

5.      M.O.O.N.- Hydrogen

6.      M.O.O.N.- Paris

7.      Perturbator- Vengeance

8.      Hot Miami OST- Knock Knock

9.      Elliott Berlin- Musikk Per Automatikk

10.  Jasper Byrne- Voyager

11.  Jan Hammer- Crocket’s Theme

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