The Vaccines come of age, or do they?

The British rock group The Vaccines released their debut album, “What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?” in March of 2011. It received positive reviews which hailed the band as the catalyst to British rock ‘n’ roll revival.

The album featured a mix of catchy upbeat tracks like “If You Wanna and N’ÛÎÙrgaard,” as well as slower, expressive tracks like “A Lack of Understanding” and “Wetsuit.”  Although it was slow to catch on at first, the album soon made its way across the pond where it was welcomed with open arms by the indie rock scene.

Now, The Vaccines have released their sophomore album, “The Vaccines Come of Age,” in the US. The album was recorded with the help of producer Ethan Johns.

Although many were expecting their second album to break tremendous ground in the rock ‘n’ roll territory, the album bears some resemblance in sound to “What Did You Expect.”  Tracks like “No Hope” and “Bad Mood” feature the familiar upbeat, foot-tapping tunes found on the debut album.

However, signs of their sound’s coming of age, so to speak, can be seen in tracks like “Aftershave Ocean” and “All In Vain.”  The band also experimented with ominous sounds in tracks like “I Wish I Was A Girl” and “Ghost Town.”

This album, like the band’s first, serves up a helping of youthful angst with a side of mockery, similar to feeling-packed albums such as John Mayer’s “Born and Raised” or even Mumford & Sons’ “Babel.” In an interview with the Rolling Stone, frontman Justin Young explained the new album’s musical direction.

“I think we made a record that really represents where the band are at right now.”

Two tracks that are definitely worth a listen are “I Always Knew” and “Teenage Icon.” The Vaccines will be performing in Chicago at Lincoln Hall Feb. 6.