CityTarget brings convenience to State and Madison

This CityTarget located on the corner of State and Madison streets opened its doors to eager shoppers Wednesday, July 25. With the intricate black detailing of the fa’ÛÎ_ade of the former Carson Pirie Scott building, this was not an average Target experience.

Growing up in the suburbs, I’ve been conditioned to unconditionally love Target. CityTarget doesn’t disappoint. Upon entering on the ground level, the store looks like an average Target, apart from the block text “hi chicago” displayed on the massive red wall behind the registers. The escalator to the second floor leads to an entirely different story.

The second story can only be compared to entering Narnia. One moment you find yourself in the Women’s clothing section, the next in the house wares, the next in electronics, all before stumbling into the grocery section stocked full of produce. It was like a dream.

If skeptics were worried about a Target in the loop lacking selection, they couldn’t have been more wrong. The selection is equal to any sprawling suburban local and then some. Certainly when Target launches its next designer collaboration, a holiday collection with Neiman Marcus is set to launch in the near future, CityTarget will be the place to find coveted items. As of right now, selection appears to be the same.

The shining red bulls eye shining down upon State Street may be a bit cheesy, but everything else is being done right. Though not the first Target location in the city, it’s certainly the most easily accessible just steps from the Lake Red Line Stop.

Shoppers seemed to be right at home on the opening day. Browsing and filing their carts with everything from raspberries to vacuum cleaners, Chicagoans are ready for Target. It’s unlikely that shoppers were waiting upon Target’s opening to purchase the items but rather drawn in by the excitement and low prices. Were people really anxiously awaiting the opening for floor lamps?

Apart from balloons greeting shoppers upon their entrance, there was little extravagance for the great opening of the newest Target venture. This may be due to the opening being pushed up from the 29th to the 25th.

According to earlier reports and marketing materials Target sent to Chicago residents, the grand opening was scheduled for this coming Sunday, July 29. “There was a lot of demand to open early, so we did,” said Target employee Keysha. “I’m glad, it was getting boring in here!”

Disclosure: The excitement sucked me in too. I purchased a hand towel, washcloth, tank top, gift bag, and birthday card all for under $35. Seeing as I’m moving into a new apartment next week, I had to continuously talk myself out of the house wares section by reminding myself I could not bring a desk with me on the red line. This is the beginning of a wonderful and dangerous relationship.