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DePaul not ruined by cultural Marxism

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“DePaul University Has Been Ruined By Cultural Marxism” was the title of a blog post that made the rounds on social media last week. Featured on the Return of Kings website, a “blog for heterosexual, masculine men,” it was written by a DePaul student who was apparently upset that groups other than straight white men have a say on campus.

Of course, this student, working under the alias Hannibal Menwell Creed, has every right to make his opinions known. A university, after all, is a place where thoughts and opinions are to be challenged. It just adds to the wonderful diversity of our campus.

Yet therein rests the problem of this essay; the writer believes that diversity at DePaul should not be welcome. Let’s break it down section by section, as this writer did in his essay.

Section One: Witch Hunts

“Just like many other college campuses, we see numerous witch-hunts against anything that is deemed improper by our ever-so-snide feminist and Marxist culture,” Creed said.

He uses the example of a DPU Alert that was sent out early in September after a man got out of a vehicle to flirt with a female student. The man ended up giving the woman an unwanted hug. As the DePaulia wrote at the time, this was not the first time something of that sort had happened.

According to Creed, “the worst thing this individual did was commit bad night game, misread a situation, and gave an uncomfortable hug.” He also said that feminists could not tell the difference between ‘real’ abuse and something as supposedly harmless as a hug.

First of all, the writer was not present when this took place and therefore cannot say with any certainty that the claims he made are true.

Second, the insinuation that the feminist worldview is so distorted that they cannot tell the difference between abuse and a hug is quite frankly offensive. Society has moved to a point where we know that abuse takes many different appearances.

According to the Chicago Police Department’s website, a simple battery, which the crime was classified as, is when one “intentionally or knowingly without legal justification and by any means, (1) causes bodily harm to an individual or (2) makes physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature with an individual.”

A hug by a random stranger who gets out of his vehicle in the middle of the night to approach a young woman seems provocative in nature, and very likely unwanted by the victim.

Section Two: Absolute Control

Apparently, “feminist ideology has taken over to such an extent that it demands absolute control of all male behavior.”

For his example, Creed cited an article in the DePaulia regarding ‘manspreading’ on the CTA. While he believed that such behavior was ill mannered, he questioned why people would care about such a thing with all the problems the world is facing, and he questioned why the DePaulia would report “petty garbage.”

Obviously, he has an axe to grind with the DePaulia. Apparently, it is a soapbox that “has been 100 percent controlled by feminists and liberals for the longest of times, without any thought to finding an individual who disagrees with their opinions.”

His argument gets weak here. Why do we report manspreading? Because it is something that people deal with on a daily basis on the CTA, and given DePaul’s utilization of public transportation to get from place to place, it was a nice topic to bring up since it is a common thing that DePaul students experience.

Suggesting that it is part of some feminist conspiracy to control men is nothing short of overanalyzing a harmless article. Plus, if feminist ideology had absolute control of all male behavior, problems such as sexual assault would not be as prevalent. But tragically, it is something we still deal with.

Section Three: The LGBTQA Community

The author insisted that he had nothing against gay people. However, when one starts off like that, it usually implies that you do. And he does.

According to the article, “the power of groups at a private catholic university has gotten completely out of control.”

Apparently, this power is exerted through the drag shows that the community puts on at the Lincoln Park Student Center every year.

“At these drag shows, to my knowledge, transvestites conduct crude skits on stage in front of an audience in the main center of our Lincoln Park campus,” Creed said.

The key word: to my knowledge. Again, the writer insisted upon judging people and their actions without being there to see them with his own eyes.

And according to the author, “if the LGBTQA communities needed to do this event, it could have been done in a private place where young children and normal human beings did not have to be exposed to this smut.”

So I guess those who happen to be a part of the LGBTQA community are not normal and must be hidden from young children. This is a disgusting suggestion that borders on discrimination.

He buttressed his argument by saying that while DePaul supports this community, it has repeatedly attacked Republican groups on campus. The embedded link leads to a right wing website that described how the university shut down an event on campus in 2006 because the Republicans did not disclose the political nature of the event (it was an affirmative action bake sale).

To suggest that Republicans are oppressed by the university based on one event that occurred almost a decade ago is ridiculous. Today, the College Republicans, Turning Point USA and Young Americans for Freedom are all doing just fine.

Last year, the College Republicans hosted Herman Cain. This year, they hosted John Bolton. Both on university property. So just as the Republicans have the right to bring in speakers on campus that do not necessarily align with certain student’s ideologies, the LGBTQA community has the right to hold their events like any student organization can.

Section Four: Irrational Consequences

Creed went after feminists yet again for making their feelings known about the Consent the D movement. And he, of course, took another shot at the DePaulia in the process for covering the controversy it caused.

But, what Creed failed to mention was that the controversy exploded after the DePaulia first reported on the movement.

Reporters for the DePaulia report the news, whether it is a movement that is trying to raise awareness about sexual assault, or whether it is about the concerns that many people have about that movement. Sure, it was donating the money raised to Rape Victims Advocates – but only half of the proceeds. That is news. And it was not the feminists who shut down the movement, but the university itself because of the unlawful use of the DePaul logo. That is news as well.


Creed concluded with this, “DePaul has backed down to the subcultures of feminism, liberalism, the LGBTQ community and extreme Islamism, and as a result they have taken over. Therefore, the rest of us normal human beings suffer. I am personally ashamed of my school and have been persecuted for my beliefs. St. Vincent is rolling in his grave from the events that go on at DePaul University on a daily basis.”

Again, Creed can believe what he wants to believe. But the suggestion that feminism, liberalism, the LGBTQ community and extreme Islamism have taken over is as irrational as it is offensive.

A university is a melting pot of ideas, people and groups. It is something that everyone should be proud of whether one is a Republican, a feminist or both. They’re not mutually exclusive.

There is no normal. And that is a beautiful thing.

One more piece of advice for Creed: you had no problem calling people out by name in your article, yet you do not have the resolve to reveal your own. Words are less powerful when the writer is hiding behind an alias. I implore you to put your name by your expressions.


7 Responses to “DePaul not ruined by cultural Marxism”

  1. Jacob on February 14th, 2015 8:55 am

    I’m about done with all this “cultural Marxism” bull that gets thrown around. I’m not even sure this halfwit understands what that means. It’s fairly obvious he feels the definition is “those things I don’t like.” If you don’t like events that are held on campus, don’t go, or better yet, go through the proper channels to make your own. I’m neither gay nor a woman and I appreciate all the LGBT events on campus, and I appreciate that there are feminists opening up conversations that are apparently scary enough that this guy wet his pants on one of the dumbest websites known to man.


  2. Randy on February 14th, 2015 12:20 pm

    For the record, legal counsel advised me that our custom-made logo was NOT unlawful. The university questioned that and threatened legal action. Wouldn’t have been worth it to get into a legal battle, so we ended the movement early and sent out the shirts that had sold.


  3. kookooracharabioso on February 15th, 2015 2:16 pm

    I came here to learn because I read that the queer community of your university is advocating genocide (BDS) of one group in order to ” save” another group. Been seeing this term “cultural Marxism” thrown around quite a bit lately so I popped in here for an understanding of what that term means. I still don’t get it from reading your article but I liked what you wrote anyway. If the man is spreading himself on the last seat that you need to sit in – and he is not courteous enough to confine his buttocks to one seat so that you might have the other – yes then there is a problem. Otherwise how about a little self discipline and tolerance of not looking if a man’s clothed “junk” is so threatening to your sanity? At one time I was in total awe of the brain of Andrea Dworkin. That does not make me a feminist or a Marxist – it just means that I am capable of appreciating someone who does not embody my beliefs. But for youthful ignorance so desperate to be relevant and make their mark by advocating genocide when they are clearly clueless – wow – haven’t they been taught to fact-check? Have they been taught no critical thinking at all? Your article reflects well for tolerance necessary in a learning environment so I am less likely to be dismissive of the entire organization which was my knee-jerk reaction after reading of the genocide advocates.


  4. Hannibal on February 17th, 2015 12:11 am

    Traditionally, the long-legged Ciconiiformes, probably a paraphyletic assemblage, have been considered the flamingos’ closest relatives and the family was included in the order. Usually the ibises and spoonbills of the Threskiornithidae were considered their closest relatives within this order. Earlier genetic studies, such as those of Charles Sibley and colleagues, also supported this relationship.[2] Relationships to the waterfowl were considered as well,[3] especially as flamingos are parasitized by feather lice of the genus Anaticola, which are otherwise exclusively found on ducks and geese.[4] The peculiar presbyornithids were used to argue for a close relationship between flamingos, waterfowl, and waders,[5] but they are now known to be unequivocal waterfowl.[6]


  5. Martin on April 3rd, 2015 1:09 pm

    As a History major at DePaul and a definite liberal I can state that “Cultural Marxism” is certainly real. Although a distasteful term that I hate, it is accurate to a large degree.

    Marxist perspectives are incredibly useful to understand history, but I wish DePaul was more balanced and less political.

    Marxist theory is viewing history as the oppressor vs. oppressed. The goal of teaching history this way to to create class identity thereby allowing the oppressed to gather together and gain political power.

    For example:
    Gender Studies

    This is a central theme in how far to the left the liberal arts are at DePaul. Although fascinating and generally more entertaining to view history through class struggle, it is largely Anti-American and fails to explain why or how events played out. The Professors at DePaul are all very nice and willing to listen, but I’ve met some who sound militant when it comes to feminist and Afrocentric views.


  6. Bob Klosak on April 4th, 2016 11:57 am

    As a male student who met his girlfriend randomly approaching her on the street I felt excluded by the University after the saftey alerts. I felt like my own school was trying to tell me my masculinity was wrong and evil. I withdrew from class in protest midquarter leaving outstanding debts with the school that I have no intention of ever paying. This is my protest against the Depaul Injustice.

    I am not the author of the original article and I don’t know who he is.


  7. Libra Chronicles on April 4th, 2016 3:04 pm

    Even that Whole Foods is corrupted. I know some totally cool, normal, very socially popular guys who were angrily threatened and kicked out of the Whole Foods on Fullerton and Sheffield by the White Knight management there for talking to a girl during the Friday night SOCIAL wine event there that is a packed house. Apparently at a SOCIAL WINE MIXER the Feminists and White Knights are threatened and fearful to be social and talk to other people. This same Toxicity is spreading throughout the city at light speed.

    Chicago itself is getting sad. It’s like an episode of the Twilight Zone. MOST of the attractive girls have DISAPPEARED from the entire city and it has become a zombie land of average or below average looks women with HORRID personalities. It’s as if all the attractive and sane women have fled and went elsewhere to seek out where men are not vaginae but still men, and get away from the cuck brainwashing that is overwhelming this city. I challenge anyone to walk around the busiest parts of the city on any given day where hundreds of thousands of people are and tell me how many hot women you see over the course of 3 or 4 hours… I can promise it will be little to none.

    I can go to a city like Detroit and it’s surrounding areas and find not only plenty of attractive women, but ones with Great Personalities who are not corrupted by toxic paranoia.

    Recently it was reported people leaving the city of chicago at an all time high rate. I don’t blame them. As someone who has lived in plenty of different Cities across the world I can safely say Chicago has earned my rating of Creepiest most Anti-Social city in America.


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