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A history of pandemics in the United States

A history of pandemics in the United States

Abby Yimer, Contributing Writer

June 14, 2020

Pandemics are not new phenomena, COVID-19 is just the current reality. Several pandemics have spread throughout the history of the world and the United States. There are several similarities between what the world is experiencing today and the Influenza pandemic of 1918. Micaela D. Sullivan-Fowler, a public histori...

‘Bohemian Rhapsody’: A film for fans

The film has been criticized for it's handling of Mercury's sexuality and AIDS diagnosis.

Jacqueline Brennan, Contributing Writer

November 12, 2018

I would like the record to show that I went into “Bohemian Rhapsody” with high expectations and lots of excitement, and I did not leave disappointed. I let the craze of the film’s release muster over the weekend before seeing it Monday evening. I was not surprised to see every seat in the theate...

Resale store aims to provide accessible LGBTQ+ healthcare

Resale store aims to provide accessible LGBTQ+ healthcare

November 12, 2018

Resale store The Brown Elephant serves the people of Chicago not only with low prices, but with access to health services. The Brown Elephant, founded in 1982, is an extension of The Howard Brown Health Center, a non profit medical organization with an emphasis on eliminating healthcare imbalances exper...

HIV preventive medication Truvada provides great step forward

Approved by the FDA last summer, Truvada is an HIV preventive medication taken daily that has been reported to reduce the chance of contracting HIV by 99 percent. (Wikimedia Commons)

Sam Schwindt

December 15, 2014

Come on guys, just use a condom. Or, maybe, just go on PreP now? Read More »...

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