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Op-ed: We want an institutional sustainability plan at DePaul—and we’re tired of waiting

Wesley Janicki, SGA Executive Vice President of Operations December 5, 2020

It requires no superhuman ability to see the destruction that this year has brought to all corners of the earth, from the Covid-19 pandemic which has consumed our lives for eight months, to the continued...

Protesters rally on the Federal Plaza inside the Loop during a global climate change march Friday, Sept. 20, 2019 in Chicago.

Climate change weighs heavily on voters as election nears

Nika Schoonover, Politics Editor November 2, 2020

In the decades since climate change has been realized as a pertinent and time-sensitive issue, the discourse on the topic has often been reduced to a partisan deadlock. Abundantly clear in the 2020 presidential...

OPINION: Climate change is alarming but we shouldn’t shoot the messenger

OPINION: Climate change is alarming but we shouldn’t shoot the messenger

Danielle Ross, Contributing Writer October 4, 2020

After the unveiling of the “Climate Clock” exhibit in New York City on Sept. 19, some took to social media to share claims of its mis-blaming of everyday people and alarmist nature. This claim perpetuates...

The Chicago River overflowed its banks and flooded the Riverwalk after overnight showers and thunderstorms across the city Monday, May 18, 2020 in Chicago.

Flooding hits parts of Midwest

Associated Press May 19, 2020

EDENVILLE, Mich. (AP) — People living along two mid-Michigan lakes and parts of a river were evacuated Tuesday following several days of heavy rain that produced flooding and put pressure on dams in...

Students walk on the campus of Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.

OPINION: For Generation Z, COVID-19 is the latest in a series of major traumas

Emma Oxnevad, Opinions and Social Media Editor April 13, 2020

We are living in uncertain times.  It’s a cliché, but it’s also a pretty good summation of the truly bizarre existence we are all subjected to amid the COVID-19 pandemic. As I thought about...

Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion toward climate change activism

Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion toward climate change activism

Maria Garcia, Contributing Writer March 8, 2020

With a net worth of $115.7 billion and known as the richest man in the world, founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos recently announced that he will pledge a sum of $10 billion towards climate change activism. The...

On Feb. 6, Antarctica reached its highest temperature ever recorded at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. In yet another instance of a drastic climate event,  temperature was similar to some of the warmest places around the world.

Antarctica experiences record high temperatures

Abbas Dahodwala, Contributing Writer February 16, 2020

The phenomenon of global warming was brought to the forefront again on Feb. 6 in Antarctica as a record high 65 degree temperature was recorded, according to The New York Times. This occurrence is another...

Australian bushfires point to dire future for climate crisis

Australian bushfires point to dire future for climate crisis

Lacey Latch, Managing Editor January 12, 2020

As bushfires continue to rage across the island of Australia for the fifth month in a row, the rest of the world now has no choice but to take note of the devastation and the factors that caused it. Millions...

This image made from video shows dead kangaroos and sheep after wildfires hit the Kangaroo Island, South Australia Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. Milder temperatures Sunday brought hope of a respite from wildfires that have ravaged three Australian states, destroying almost 2,000 homes.

Wildfires threaten unique critters on Australian ‘Galapagos’

Associated Press January 5, 2020

SYDNEY (AP) — It has been described as Australia's Galapagos Islands and has long been a refuge for some of the country's most endangered creatures. But devastating wildfires over recent days have...

Brandon Stiffic shouts with the crowd on Friday’s Youth Climate Offensive as they march from Grant Park to the Federal Plaza demanding action from government officials to promote more environmentally conscious legislation.

End of the decade: triumphant growth in covering climate change

Lauren Paris, Contributing Writer December 28, 2019

Climate change is a story that is complex, multifaceted and big — perhaps the biggest issue of our time. It’s a story that doesn’t end, at least not anytime soon. Its effects surround us but are...

This photo provided by Time magazine shows Greta Thunberg, who has been named Time’s youngest “person of the year” on Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. The media franchise said Wednesday on its website that Thunberg is being honored for work that transcends backgrounds and borders.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg chosen to be Time ‘Person of the Year’

Associated Press December 11, 2019

MADRID (AP) — Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg said she was surprised and honored Wednesday to learn she had been named Time’s youngest “Person of the Year,” saying the accolade deserved...

This April 6, 2018 photo shows an anti-pollution message in Fuerteventura, the second-largest of the seven Canary Islands. Experts say chemical pollution from farming and industrial runoff poses an even greater threat than plastics.

Plastics not the only scourge polluting world’s oceans

Keira Wingate, Assistant Arts & Life Editor November 18, 2019

Climate change is an ongoing issue and the world’s oceans, coastlines and coastal communities are being disproportionately impacted by increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other human-caused greenhouse...

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