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PPGA president Kenna Bartlett and experts (from left) Megan Jeyifo, Jamie Manson and Dr. Morgan Beatty discuss the how pro-choice Catholics are a silent majority while addressing students in a classroom in DePauls Theatre School Thursday, May 2. The panel was a kickoff event for PPGAs campaign to end DePauls contraceptive ban.

PPGA showcases the voices of Catholics who support abortion rights

Rose O'Keeffe, Asst. News Editor May 7, 2024

“My Catholic identity is my advocacy. They are one in the same,” said Jamie Manson, president of the national organization Catholics for Choice. Out of love for her faith, not in spite of it, Manson...

A Chicago abortion rights rally on Oct. 8, 2022. Protests broke out throughout the country following the overturning of Roe v. Wade in June 2022.

Biden rolls out new reproductive guidelines on the 51st anniversary of Roe v. Wade

LiLi Jarvenpa, Contributing Writer February 11, 2024
Biden called for increased access to Federal Drug Administration-approved contraceptive medications.
Halted male birth control study belittles womens voices

Halted male birth control study belittles women’s voices

Madeline Ashley November 13, 2016

Women have suffered for over 50 years from the side effects of birth control. It is no surprise to the public that male birth control is appearing to bring forth similar side effects. Recently, the new...

Protesters march Thursday evening in the annual Take Back the Night rally. (Erin Yarnall/The DePaulia)

DePaul Feminist Front contraceptive initiative knocked off SGA ballot

Brenden Moore May 7, 2015

A petition seeking a change in DePaul’s contraceptive policy failed to get the necessary amount of signatures to appear as a referenda question in the upcoming Student Government Association elections. While...

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