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Disney is remaking the wrong films

This image released by Disney shows Yifei Liu in the title role of

Lauren Coates, Staff Writer

September 11, 2020

Last week saw the slightly controversial release of another live-action remake of an animated Disney movie: “Mulan.” Once destined to make millions in global box office revenue, the film was initially pushed back and then eventually slated for a $30 pay-to-watch release on Disney+ due to worldwide the...

‘Hamilton’ se estrena en las pantallas de Disney+ este verano

Lin-Manuel Miranda posa para un retrato.

Miluska Llerena, Staff Writer

May 29, 2020

“Hamilton,” la aclamada obra teatral del creador puertorriqueño Lin-Manuel Miranda, se estrenará en las pantallas de Disney Plus este 3 de julio. La grabación de tres presentaciones basada en la vida política y militar de Alexander Hamilton, originalmente se iba a estrenar el 15 de octubr...

Pop culture hills I would die on: ‘Tangled’ is better than ‘Frozen’ in every way

Pop culture hills I would die on: 'Tangled' is better than 'Frozen' in every way

Mary Rose Weber, Contributing Writer

May 5, 2020

This is not a flex, but it sounds like one: I saw "Frozen" opening weekend. Before “Let it Go” became inescapable and grating, hordes of Olaf merchandise flew off shelves and the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem, I settled into to watch a nice light movie with my four sisters and two parents over ...

Streaming services to look into when buying stocks during pandemic

A person displays Netflix on a tablet.

Samantha Madden, Contributing Writer

April 29, 2020

Streaming apps across the world seemingly appeared out of nowhere and took off, with services like Netflix quickly becoming household names.  According to a CNBC survey, 57 percent of Americans are using streaming apps. Although the economy is declining during the COVID-19 pandemic, streaming apps ...

Avoid unhealthy habits associated with binge watching

A person displays Netflix on a tablet.

Ernesto Hernandez, Staff Writer

April 25, 2020

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. have cornered the market when it comes to binge-watching. During the pandemic, people are using these streaming services to pass the time or escape from reality through their favorite shows or movies.  While binge-watching is generally discouraged, there are a coupl...

REVIEW: ‘Onward’ is a typical magical adventure

Ian Lightfoot (Tom Holland) and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt) try to see their dad one last time.

Chinyere Ibeh, Staff Writer

April 15, 2020

As one of the films released early to video on-demand and streaming services, “Onward” features two brothers who go on an adventure to spend a day with their deceased father. Tom Holland stars as Ian, the younger brother who has just turned 18-years-old, and Chris Pratt stars as Barley, the old...

The DePaulia interviews head of story of Pixar’s ‘Onward’

Kelsey Mann, the head of story on the new Pixar movie ‘Onward.’

John Cotter, Staff Writer

March 8, 2020

A good story is only as powerful as the collaborative minds behind it. If any animation studio in America has actively shown this rather than just telling audiences it is Pixar. A plethora of award-winning and universally adored stories come out of this creative powerhouse. The films have always felt as ...

Character is key to Pixar’s timeless stories

Character is key to Pixar’s timeless stories

Nate Burleyson, Assistant Sports Editor

March 1, 2020

The most successful film studio of the past few decades is without question Pixar. The animation studio’s films have never opened less than an A- on Cinemascore, and have all made over $330 million at the worldwide box office.  What makes the studio so successful might not be the same thing that has br...

‘Some Things Never Change’: Chicagoland native uses love of Disney films as ‘Frozen 2’ story artist

John Cotter | The DePaulia

John Cotter, Staff Writer

December 9, 2019

We all had that one Disney VHS tape that was constantly being rewound. For some, this Disney charm can be incredibly moving — even life changing. Just ask Donna Lee, a story artist and Chicagoland native that worked on "Frozen 2."

‘Disney+’ competitive in streaming service battle

‘Disney+’ competitive in streaming service battle

Brian Gilbert, Contributing Writer

November 18, 2019

After years of announcements and preparations, Disney’s streaming service is finally here and ready to compete with Netflix, Apple TV+ and HBO Max. Disney+ made its debut on Tuesday, Nov. 12 and, while it had some technical difficulties in its launch, many viewers are feeling satisfied and nostalgic...

Everyone loves Disney, but the continuing cycle of remakes is getting old

Everyone loves Disney, but the continuing cycle of remakes is getting old

Gavin Farrow, Contributing Writer

September 23, 2019

The Walt Disney corporation made 50 percent of this summer’s total box office revenue. Four of the company’s films grossed over $1 billion in the international box office this year. These numbers, along with Disney’s continuously hawkish financial consumption of other media properties and companies...

‘Nutcracker’ falls short of high expectations

'Nutcracker' falls short of high expectations

Garret Neal, Staff Writer

November 5, 2018

In Disney’s “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms,” the main character is given a locked Fabergé egg and a note saying, “All that you need is inside”. Later in the film, she finds the key and opens the egg to find that it is, in fact, empty, save for a small music box. While the film turns...

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