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DePaul bounces back with win in overtime

Lawrence Kreymer, Asst. Sports Editor

September 30, 2018

In their third Big East conference game of the season and home conference opener, DePaul (6-4-2; 2-1 Big East) hosted the Creighton Blue Jays on Sunday. In an exciting back-and-forth game that saw great scoring scoring opportunities for each team, the Blue Demons prevailed in overtime with a 2-1 victory...

Raunchy TV makes family time cringeworthy

Raunchy TV makes family time cringeworthy

Jen DePoorter

January 18, 2015

You know the scene. It’s a Sunday night and you’re watching the newest blockbuster with your parents. So far so good — nobody is hogging the popcorn, your mom hasn’t asked “who’s that?” a million times, and your dad is still awake — when suddenly a 12-minute sex scene comes on, and takes all you can to not combust in your seat. Read More »...

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