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REVIEW: Latest remake of ‘The Invisible Man’ eerie in more ways than one

Keira Wingate, Assistant Arts & Life Editor

March 1, 2020

The latest version of “The Invisible Man” offers a new take on 1987 novel by H.G Wells, that was given its first adaptation in 1933 with the original movie directed by James Whale. Here, there is basically no emphasis on science, but on a woman who needs to escape her abusive partner. Little doe...

‘Countdown’ brings back classic horror scares

‘Countdown’ brings back classic horror scares

Rebecca Rogers, Contributing Writer

October 21, 2019

Nervous laughter emanates throughout the theater. Audience members can’t help but cover their eyes, peeking through their fingers at the screen. Gasps can be heard across the rows.  “Countdown,” written and directed by Justin Dec, centers around an app that predicts when you are going to di...

The impact of ‘It Follows’: What makes a good horror film

The impact of 'It Follows': What makes a good horror film

Mike Horky

April 12, 2015

How directors craft some of the most frightening movies David Robert Mitchell’s latest film “It Follows” has received critical acclaim for its smart premise and overwhelming sense of terror and dread. This acclaim is well-deserved, as the film is one of the scariest and most ingenious horror flicks of the last decade and possibly of the last 15 year...

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