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The uphill climb of the internship search

Joey Cahue, Contributing Writer November 18, 2019

Finding yourself dry-eyed, slumped over your laptop with cramping fingers while you’re making your way through your fourth cup of coffee is usually what the internship hunt consists of. Students are...

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Workforce woes

The workforce in your teens and 20s can be a time of discovery and unique experiences. It can mean working for less than your worth and exploitation of your talents.
Mackenzie Murtaugh, Opinions Editor March 5, 2018

Internships and jobs as a college student can be exciting experiences that set you up for an ideal job. At DePaul, most students can’t even graduate without an internship, and most students have to enter...

DePaul introduces Handshake job platform

Jessica Villagomez July 24, 2015

The DePaul Career Center recently introduced Handshake, a platform for students to search for internships and job listings as well as register for events hosted by the department. Previously, DePaul...

Cecilia Wu, a business intern with the Cinarron Group, Santa Monica, CA. Critics fear that employers are
exploiting unpaid interns as a source of

Internships: A “priceless” experience

Parker Asmann May 27, 2014

Anybody involved with doing work for a company or another person wants to feel like the work they are doing is worth something and that the time and effort they are putting in is appreciated. However,...

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