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Esports continues making waves globally

Esports continues making waves globally

Lawrence Kreymer, Asst. News Editor

October 22, 2018

10 years ago, making a living from playing video games was nearly impossible even for hardcore gamers. Video games were meant for having fun and having something to do after work or school. However, in the last decade the growth of video games and esports has opened up opportunities for people who...

DePaul breaks into the eSports scene

Players match up against each other during a sign up event on April 6.
(Photo courtesy of DePaul League of Legends)

Garret Neal

November 6, 2017

eSports, competitive video game playing, continues to grow. ESPN2 is even hosting a “Street Fighter V” tournament this year.  It finally reached DePaul when the “League of Legends” club created its competitive teams at the beginning of the quarter. The club itself has been around since the b...

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