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Varsity’s ‘Parallel Person’ is setting tone for rock pop

The five-piece band Varsity on stage during their show at Empty Bottle on Friday April 20. Their setlist for the performance showcased an organic spin on indie rock pop.
(Alicia Maciel | The DePaulia)

Alicia Maciel, Contributing Writer

April 30, 2018

Empty Bottle was packed wall-to-wall just past midnight on Friday, April 20, with the crowd swaying along to Varsity’s immaculate set. Self-proclaimed “too cute for the punks, too raw for the bubble-gummers”, Varsity consists of members Stef Smith on vocals and synth, Dylan Weschler on guitar and...

Gerrymandering poses questions for fair elections

Gerrymandering poses questions for fair elections

Kevin Gross

October 12, 2014

With the November midterm elections beckoning, concerns are arising as to how the decisions of voters may be challenged via the constantly increasing effects of political gerrymandering. Gerrymandering, or the redistricting of voter districts for political purposes, occurs because state legisla...

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