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Seeing Chicago in a new light

A home in Lincoln Park, taken in the early evening.

Madeline Brown, Contributing Writer

May 30, 2020

Recently, one thing has been made very clear to me: I really have been taking the little things in life for granted.  This realization struck me on a walk through Lincoln Park with a friend. It was sunny outside, and we were chatting about how impressive the houses around us were. Right as we walked und...

Photos from the Chinese New Year

Photos from the Chinese New Year

Luc Fougere, Contributing Photographer

February 11, 2019

A sniffily oink oink to commemorate the Lunar New Year as Chicago’s Chinatown hosts its annual Chinese New Year Day parade on Sunday. Snow began to fall as the celebrations kicked off for the Year of the Pig, creating for a chilly but picturesque parade. According to the Chinese Zodiac calendar,...

Photo essay: A summer break vacation across Europe

Photo essay: A summer break vacation across Europe

Marcus Cirone

July 29, 2015

I looked down at the Colosseum floor trying to imagine what a gladiatorial fight would have looked like. Men battling exotic animals from across the empire while the crowds chanted for blood. Read More »...

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