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Pretty Evil: Thanksgiving

Pretty Evil: ‘Thanksgiving’

Mandy Durose November 25, 2015

I’m thankful for extra hot pumpkin spice lattes, designer clothes and Chanel’s sudden outburst of sisterhood love. This week's "Scream Queens" episode delivered more than a peek inside our favorite...

The Chanels and Denise discover Jennifers body.

Pretty Evil: ‘Mommy issues’

Mandy Durose November 15, 2015

After a few deep dark episodes, like Chanel #5’s web chat rooms, without information, this week’s episode, “Mommie Dearest”, finally revealed 1995 Kappa house secrets while showing us that...

Pretty Evil: Beware of Young Girls

Pretty Evil: ‘Beware of Young Girls’

Mandy Durose November 6, 2015

Maybe because Chanel-o-ween is over, Chanel and the rest of the Kappas aren’t feeling as joyful about their sisterhood as they did in the previous episode of “Scream Queens.” This week episode...

Pretty Evil: Seven Minutes in Hell

Pretty Evil: “Seven Minutes in Hell”

Mandy Durose October 23, 2015

Grab your custom-made cape pajamas, packing peanut s’mores and your souls because it’s time for a Kappa slumber party. This week’s “Scream Queens” episode, “Seven Minutes in Hell,” locked...

Pretty Evil: Pumpkin Patch

Pretty Evil: “Pumpkin Patch”

Mandy Durose October 15, 2015

I guess those suffering with Black Hairy Tongue disease will not have a cure in sight with Chanel’s pumpkin patch ruined in FOX’s latest episode of “Scream Queens,” “Pumpkin Patch.” The...

Pretty Evil: Haunted House

Pretty Evil: “Haunted House”

Mandy Durose October 7, 2015

Chanel-o-ween is upon Wallace University and her plethora of social media followers in the latest episode of “Scream Queens.” As any future network news anchor would do, Chanel brings the gory...

Pretty Evil: Chainsaw recap

Pretty Evil: ‘Chainsaw’ recap

Mandy Durose October 1, 2015

This week’s episode was titled “Chainsaw,” and as viewers could have probably guessed, it involved a lot of the humming electric blade. However, the episode also brought focus to new relationships...

Pretty Evil: Scream Queens premiere episode

Pretty Evil: “Scream Queens” premiere episode

Mandy Durose September 27, 2015

Pretty Evil is a weekly "Scream Queens" recap column by Mandy Durose. The premiere episode, “Pilot/Hell Week” introduced us a world of over-the-top humor, poking fun at the whole atmosphere...

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