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Sexual assault awareness, one social media post at a time

(Victoria Williamson, The DePaulia)

Nikki Roberts

November 6, 2017

If your Facebook timeline looks anything like mine, then you’ve seen an abundance of posts over the past few days that contain two haunting words: “me too.” Read More »...

DePaul students take stand against sexual assault at Take Back the Night

DePaul senior Emily Beh speaks to DePaul students and faculty at the start of DePaul Feminist Front’s annual Take Back the Night rally.  (Erin Yarnall / The DePaulia)

Erin Yarnall

April 26, 2015

“Claim our bodies, claim our right. Take a stand, take back the night,” could be heard throughout the quad on DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus April 23, as protesters and marchers made their stand against sexual assault and violence at the annual Take Back the Night event. Read More »...

Sexual Assault Awareness month: It’s time for consent culture

(Chase Carteri | Creative Commons)

Summer Concepcion

April 26, 2015

As the discussion on what it means to consent has gained popularity on college campuses, advocates push to bring the topic to a younger audience Read More »...

DePaul Feminist Front hangs positive messages for assault survivors

DePaul’s Feminist Front sits with a symbol of sexual assault on campuses and invites passerby to hangout. (Megan Deppen / The DePaulia)

Megan Deppen

April 19, 2015

Students walking past the quad last week may have noticed a bare mattress propped against a tree with the words “Carry That Weight” taped on it. A nation-wide movement to support rape survivors was brought to DePaul by Feminist Front, not an angry group of girls, but students focused on healing. Read More »...

Student voices for sexual assault problems

Students at the University of California, Berkeley, speak to the press after filing federal complaints against the school for failing to protect women from harassment and assault. (Jane Tyska/Bay Area News)

Rachel Hinton

April 19, 2015

The anger that lead to last year’s sexual assault protests and rallies seems to be simmering now in conversations at campuses around the country, as students begin to work with administrations to understand the extent of the problem and make efforts to solve it. Read More »...

Consent the D movement ends citing outside sources

Consent the D movement ends citing outside sources

Grant Myatt

November 4, 2014

Consent the D, the student-led movement aimed at raising awareness about sexual violence and consent, ended abruptly when the founder posted on the group’s Facebook page Monday morning. A video posted Tuesday morning by senior Randy Vollrath, the movement’s founder, confirmed the movement was ove...

Letter to the editor: Why ‘let’s stop talking about sexual assault’ is problematic

Letter to the editor: Why 'let's stop talking about sexual assault' is problematic

DePaul Educational Theatre Company

October 31, 2014

In light of the recent DePaulia article, “DePaul makes an effort to meet student and national concerns on sexual assault,” we, the DePaul Educational Theatre Company 2014 cast members and team, felt that information and context regarding the actions DePaul has taken on sexual assault were lacking....

DePaul students participate in ‘Carry That Weight’ campus sexual assault awareness rally

(Dylan Fahoome / The DePaulia)

Dylan Fahoome

October 30, 2014

[slideshow_deploy id='5153'] More than 50 students took to the streets downtown Wednesday night in solidarity with Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia University student whose senior thesis performance piece has inspired action to combat sexual assault. Read More »...

Taking a stand on consent: DePaul students respond and lead pro-consent movement ‘Consent the D’

Randy Vollrath (center), a senior at DePaul, holds the preliminary T-shirt design for the Consent the D movement he started.  Vollrath says this is the student response that is “ long overdue” and hopes to put DePaul on the map, demonstrating that students care and are doing something proactive about sexual assault. (Grant Myatt / The DePaulia)

Brenden Moore

October 26, 2014

Update 10/27, 10:15 p.m.: an earlier version of this story omitted the fact that 50 percent of the T-shirt sales will go to Rape Victims Advocates, a non-profit in Chicago. As a response to calls from national leaders, advocacy organizations and The DePaulia itself, a student-led movemen...

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