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DePaul students sue university for partial tuition refund after COVID-19 shutdown

DePaul University Lincoln Park campus.

Ella Lee, Patsy Newitt, and Alayne Trinko

May 14, 2020

Two DePaul students filed a class action lawsuit demanding partial tuition reimbursements due to the university-wide transition to remote education.  The suit claims that students are receiving a “lesser" education with online classes after DePaul's remote switch amid COVID-19 concerns. Read it h...

DePaul students demand university lower tuition next quarter

DePaul students demand university lower tuition next quarter

Emma Oxnevad, Opinions & Social Media Editor

March 13, 2020

A petition entitled “Lower Tuition for DePaul University after making all classes online” was created Thursday to direct the university’s attention towards student concerns relating to the cost of admission given the university’s plans to hold classes entirely online for the Spring Quarter. “Most classes will be moved to online i...

‘Two years free’: Economic ramifications of Obama’s community college tuition proposal

The proposal for federally funded community college tuition is 
partially based off of a similar plan implemented in Tennessee. (Brad Montgomery | Creative Commons)

Kevin Gross

January 18, 2015

High schoolers, adult learners and school administrators sighed in relief as the Obama administration proposed a plan on Jan. 8 to make two-year community colleges free for many Americans. Read More »...

Chicago college students struggle to pay tuition in absence of higher minimum wage

A referenda question that asked Illinoisans if the minimum wage should be raised passed with more than two-thirds support. (Seth Perlman | AP)

Nana Aduba-Amoah and Amanda Crane

November 9, 2014

For Chicago college students like Venice Adams, raising the minimum wage in Illinois is the only way to continue pursuing a college degree. Read More »...

DePaul administrators speak to SGA regarding tuition and pricing

SGA President Matthew von Nida and Vice President Christina Vera pictured last month. “Our goals are having all those different outlets for students to continue their higher education,” von Nida said. (Grant Myatt / The DePaulia)

Danielle Church

October 5, 2014

The Student Government Association hosted a panel of administrators last week to talk about bread and butter issues for students: tuition and pricing. The panel was put together as a part of SGA’s attempt to “provide different opportunities to advance educational affordability” for students, ...

Pulling out pockets

Pulling out pockets

Kevin Gross

September 15, 2014

Rising college costs defy simple solutions, confound governments As another school year dawns and students scramble for another set of school payments, people may wonder: What changes, if any, are being established to help curb the ever-rising costs of attaining a higher education? As the Obama Administ...

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