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REVIEW: Season opener of “Blindspot” shows that it is on its way out

Rob Brown, Ashley Johnson, Sullivan Stapleton, Ennis Esmer, and Jaimie Alexander in Blindspot.
May 27, 2020

Blindspot’s season opener proves that it has run its course and it is ready to bow out.  The NBC show has been on for four seasons, and the fifth season has been confirmed to be it's last. "Blindspot"...

REVIEW: In ‘The Last Dance’ final episodes, ‘it’s all about basketball’

REVIEW: In ‘The Last Dance’ final episodes, ‘it’s all about basketball’
May 25, 2020

The final two episodes of “The Last Dance” come crashing in like a bat out of hell, only this time, it’s all about basketball. For weeks, the series gave us insight into the inner-turmoil of the...

REVIEW: ‘Rick and Morty’ returns to melt our brains, make us laugh

May 10, 2020

They love to keep us waiting, but “Rick and Morty” finally has finally returned for the second half of season four. After a five month hiatus, the series returns with what is perhaps the most bizarre,...

REVIEW: ‘The Last Dance’ remains engrossing in latest episodes

May 7, 2020

“The Last Dance” continues strong, with further emphasis on Jordan’s fame, which may have led to his leaving the game for good. Episodes three and four are focused on Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson,...

REVIEW: ‘Too Hot To Handle’ comes in hot as Netflix’s new dating show

May 7, 2020

Premiering in April amid social distancing and stay-at-home orders, “Too Hot To Handle” introduced itself as a dating show with a unique twist. The show follows a group of ten insanely attractive,...

“Little Fires Everywhere” sets off blaze of emotions

“Little Fires Everywhere” sets off blaze of emotions
April 27, 2020

The Hulu mini-series is based off of the book by Celeste Ng. It is the story of two families who live in Shaker Heights, Ohio in the 90s and are brought together by a friendship between two of their children....

REVIEW: Live TV shows losing impact during COVID-19

April 25, 2020

With COVID-19 effectively shutting down the entertainment industry, television shows that are traditionally filmed in a studio have been forced to relocate to the hosts homes or end filming for the time...

Once more, with feeling: a review of ‘The Last Dance’

Once more, with feeling: a review of 'The Last Dance'
April 25, 2020

“The Last Dance” is a monumental piece of documentary filmmaking — a comprehensive look into one of our greatest sports teams, a searing examination of legacy and ego. There are eight episodes still...

REVIEW: ‘Sunderland ‘Til I Die’ features new ownership but same heartbreak

Sunderland 'Til I Die
April 10, 2020

Everyone loves an underdog story, especially in sports. Nothing moves people quite like a group of lovable misfits who come together and pull off what seems almost impossible. Perhaps it’s because we...

REVIEW: ‘Tiger King’ is the perfect antidote to quarantine-induced boredom

REVIEW: 'Tiger King' is the perfect antidote to quarantine-induced boredom
April 1, 2020

I’ll be the first to admit that documentaries aren’t the first thing I jump to when I have the chance to sit down and watch tv, but Netflix’s “The Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” is such...

REVIEW: ‘The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez’ offers horrifying look at real-world issue

REVIEW: 'The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez' offers horrifying look at real-world issue
March 29, 2020

“Horrendous, inhumane and nothing short of evil,” are some of the words that Judge George G. Lomeli used to describe the crime against Gabriel Fernandez.  “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez”...

REVIEW: ‘Love is Blind’ revamps dating show formula, ‘brilliantly bonkers’

Mark Cuevas looks off in the distance while talking to a potential suiter.
March 1, 2020

As a hopeless romantic who seems to be perpetually single, I know my way around reality dating shows – they offer the perfect balance of reinforcing that love is in fact real and that I am still not...

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