Your summer movie match: Six films to catch

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Though DePaul students are practically the only people not on summer break by now, it does give us a lot to look forward to.  If you’re in need of a break from the beach and Cubs games, here are five movies to catch this summer.  But before you see any of these films, make sure you’ve seen “Mad Max: Fury Road” — all right, carry on.

“Inside Out” takes place in the mind of 11-year-old Riley Anderson and follows her five emotions: Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness. (Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures)

“Inside Out” – June 19

Pixar animations

There’s no denying Pixar films are one of the greatest aspects of anyone’s life, therefore I believe we should be seeing “Inside Out” this summer.  Taking place in the mind of a young girl, Riley Anderson, the film follows her five emotions—Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness—in their attempt to guide her through her life.  The plot enough is a reason to go see the film, although with a cast containing Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Bill Hader, and Mindy Kaling, I think seeing this film should be a given.

"Dope" - June 19

“Dope” – June 19

Indie flicks

Straight out of the Sundance Film Festival, this coming-of-age comedy tells the story of Malcolm, a high school geek struggling to get through his senior year by avoiding the drugs and gangs in his school.  It isn’t until he’s hit with an invite to California’s biggest underground party that Malcolm determines to rid himself of his geek status and become dope.  It should also be noted that A$AP Rocky makes his acting debut in this, which is dope in itself, given that latest album.

"Antman" - July 17

“Antman” – July 17

Marvel heroes

It’s funny to think that someone would actually finance a film about the superhero Ant-Man, but I actually think this film could work. While most of Marvel films have very cookie-cutter plots, they happen to be enjoyable because of the actors, and you can’t deny  that seeing Paul Rudd as a shrinking superhero riding an ant doesn’t seem enjoyable.  The same doubts also surrounded last summer’s “Guardians of the Galaxy,” but “Guardians” was able to bring something fresh to Marvel’s universe.

"Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation" - July 31

“Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” – July 31

Action movies

This is probably the one sequel film coming out this summer that I’m OK with. As much as you want to see dinosaurs and terminators, I’m telling you: Tom Cruise strapped to the side of an airplane is worth it even more.  Like the Fast & Furious films, this franchise has spawned over 15 years and gets crazier each film.  And I mean crazy in a good way, not crazy in a Tom Cruise way.

"The End of the Tour" - July 31

“The End of the Tour” – July 31

Award winners

Based on true events of a four day Rolling Stones interview with the acclaimed author, David Foster Wallace. Mostly taking place on the road as Wallace promotes his new book, “Infinite Jest,” the film falls under both a comedy and drama.  Jason Segal captures the entity and depth behind David Foster Wallace, a more than interesting character in the film and real life. Jesse Eisenberg plays David Lipsky — the Rolling Stones writer — in a very subtle performance, yet as equal to Segal’s performance. So go see this film. Please.

"Sinister" - Aug. 21

“Sinister” – Aug. 21

Horror films

While the sequel to Sinister has an overwhelming lack of Ethan Hawke, it still looks pretty damn good compared to the other horror films out this summer. The evil spirit form the first film, Buhguul, finds himself terrorizing another family with his sinister behavior (get it?). The film mostly has a cast of unknowns, but for a horror film you don’t need big stars, you just need good ole’ Buhguul.  And if “Sinister 2” seems too far away in August, there’s always “Insidious 3” out in the beginning of June.