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Pretty Evil: ‘Chainsaw’ recap

(Photo courtesy of FOX)

This week’s episode was titled “Chainsaw,” and as viewers could have probably guessed, it involved a lot of the humming electric blade. However, the episode also brought focus to new relationships growing and tension bubbling, and made us all question who is actually dead, who is involved and when Grace will stop wearing that pageboy hat.

We learned last week that Grace’s dad is crazy protective. This comes to light when Grace walks into her first class, Intro to Film Analysis, and is welcomed by her father as the professor. After making quite the father-daughter scene in front of the whole lecture, Grace storms out, missing a possible key clue in the puzzle. Grace’s dad shows the rest of the class “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” He sits in the darkened lecture hall watching with intensity. While one student throws up in her backpack from the hideous gore, Grace’s dad is excited about the chainsaws. All of this happening in an episode titled “Chainsaw” makes for an interesting plot development.

Grace’s dad, Wes, is also in the midst of a relationship with Gigi, making me wonder if he’s just trying to get closer to Kappa to watch Grace. We find out later he even has Grace’s phone on a GPS tracker. When she goes missing, we see the first strain on the seemingly close father-daughter relationship. Grace lies about being at the library when she is with Pete doing more snooping into the 1995 Kappa case.

Oliver Hudson as Wes in “Chainsaw.” (Photo courtesy of FOX)

Poor Gigi cannot take a hint that Dean Munsch is out to get her. Munsch is obviously jealous of the growing relationship between Gigi and Wes, so much so that Munsch invites Gigi to the tennis court to “call dibs” on Wes. At this point Munsch also tells Gigi that they are to move into the Kappa house for a week to protect the girls.

In the Kappa house Gigi and Wes share a salad date with third wheel, Munsch. As night falls and the girls head to bed, Munsch presents to Gigi her white noise machine she has to use to sleep. Some of the options on the white noise machine include whale distress calls, baboon attack, catastrophically depressurized airplane cabin and the one Munsch settles with, slasher movie. The sounds of screams and chainsaws coming from the machine prompt Gigi to sleep on the couch where the Red Devil shows up. Wes appears and proves no help as Gigi kicks away the Red Devil with some badass karate-like moves. As Munsch conveniently appears after the Red Devil has run off, she is crowned Wallace University’s newest suspect.

Tension is forming right from the start between Chanel and Chanel #5. Chanel #5 claims she is more interested in threesomes then discovering the truth about the murders. Throughout the episode Chanel #5 grows in fury and finally explodes when Chanel gives Hester a makeover, deeming her Chanel #6. Hester walks down the staircase with her “Mommy,” back brace-less and braces gleaming. Hester can hardly walk but is excited she has been allowed to “hold back Chanel’s hair on purge nights”.

Denise has been busy doing her own investigating this episode. She took Grace and Zayday to Chanel #2’s house where her parents told her that Chanel #2 had a drinking problem and Chad was over for Thanksgiving last year. Grace and Zayday leave out the information that Chanel #2’s body is missing from a meat locker, but confirm to her parents that she is still posting on Instagram. It at first seems odd that Chad was dating Chanel #2, until we discover that all the Chanels have dated him, or slept with him. Later, Denise picks up Zayday in her security car and presents her with evidence as to why Zayday is in on the killings. The final piece of evidence Denise claims makes Zayday a “person of extreme murderous interest” is the chainsaw hidden underneath Zayday’s bed. Zayday quickly explains that her grandmother gave her the chainsaw for protection. Should we believe this? Or are we too quick to assume innocence because she’s Grace’s friend and seems to want justice?

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Chanel #3 begins to show interest in pledge, Sam. First, Chanel #3 says she wants to be like soulmates with Sam so she can reveal a secret. Chanel #3 confesses her biological father is Charles Manson. Sam agrees to be her alibi during the killings since Chanel #3 believes if people found out who her father is they would assume she was the killer.

As for Chad and his band of Dollar Scholars, they believe they need to avenge Boone’s death, ruled as a suicide, by fighting the Red Devil in the streets. As the Dollar Scholar boys run rampant in the street, howling for the Red Devil to arrive, swinging baseball bats the Red Devil does not disappoint. Actually, Red Devils. Two Red Devils with chainsaws slaughter the Dollar Scholars in the street, almost leading to the death of Chad. Thankfully, one of Chad’s loyal followers sacrificed his own lip plumped self to the Red Devil’s saw. His arms are gruesomely sawed off one by one all to the tune of “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” by the Backstreet Boys.

“Scream Queens” doesn’t disappoint yet again in adding to the death toll. Other than the lip plumped Dollar Scholar, we said goodbye to Wallace University’s newest less intense mascot, Coney, a giant ice cream cone smuggled by Munsch from a local creamery. While the man under the vanilla swirl is never seen, his name is Andy Cohen and he has found his calling as the new face of Wallace. However, his days of hidden identity butt pinching, boob grabbing and money swiping ended quickly. Like on a hot summer day, the delicious swirl of ice cream plopped off the waffle cone — or should I say, Aaron’s head was detached courtesy of the Red Devil’s chainsaw and to the tune of “I’m Your Man” by the Wham.

After all of these bodies seem to go missing, the reveal that Boone was in on his own fake death, and the fact that there is more than one Red Devil begs the question, who is really dead and who is part of the Red Devil murderous spree?


At this point, I don’t think Munsch is the actual Red Devil, but she is definitely in on it. I’m predicting that it is not just one solo killer out there, but a cult-like group possibly lead by Dean Munsch. This cult-like group has a connection with the 1995 Kappa house incident and that is why Wes is in town, not to protect Grace but to participate in the take down of Kappa.

Looking back on the timeline, Grace cannot be the baby from the bathtub. The baby was born in 1995. This would make the baby 20 years old and Grace has stated that she is only 18. My current prediction for the baby’s true identity is Pete. Pete said he was 19, meaning in this year he could be turning 20.  He also has an obsession with figuring out what happened that night at the Kappa house. Could he secretly just be trying to find out who is birth mother was?

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