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Pretty Evil: ‘Mommy issues’

The Chanels and Denise discover Jennifer's body. (Photo courtesy of FOX)
The Chanels and Denise discover Jennifer’s body. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

After a few deep dark episodes, like Chanel #5’s web chat rooms, without information, this week’s episode, “Mommie Dearest”, finally revealed 1995 Kappa house secrets while showing us that everyone has “mommy issues.”

Before discussing major turns in the story, we must add to our obligatory death toll courtesy of the Red Devil. Jennifer was in the middle of her new candle vlog, holiday edition when the Red Devil killed her. Jennifer’s murder happened right after she made claims to Denise the Zayday had a motive to be the Red Devil; a conversation where Zayday once said she wanted revenge on all elitist rich girls. Unfortunately for Jennifer, Zayday heard everything from the bathroom and next thing we know the Red Devil has murdered her. Is there a link? With the news of Jennifer’s death, Dean Munsch holds a memorial service compassed with the song ‘Eternal Flame’ that is only too appropriate for the weird candle girl, and closes down Wallace University indefinitely.

The first motivating factor in closing down campus is Dean Munsch’s own ambush at her home. While stepping into the stark white shower, the curtain is pulled back and the Red Devil is holding a knife up a la “Psycho.” Munsch tackles him to the ground, exclaiming she has “seen that movie 50 times” (Actress Jamie Lee Curtis’ mother, Janet Leigh, was the original actress in the iconic “Psycho” shower scene). However, as the fight spreads into her living room, Munsch discovers another Red Devil waiting to attack. And when that is not enough, another masked entity, donned in a Supreme Court Justice Scalia costume, enters the playing field. Munsch, an experienced fighter from a past lover, defeats the triage of killers while barking societal justice at Scalia.

The Chanels hunt for clues that Grace and Zayday are the killers is failing so Chanel #3 offers Denise $3 million to find any evidence that Zayday is the murderer. Chanel goes a different route and enlists the help of Scotland Yard after a vague threat that the Duchess of Cambridge was in danger. The officers, having no legal jurisdiction, agree to help and find a juicy record on Grace’s mother.

However, Grace is on a different trail to finding who her mother is. As promised in last episode, the Dean must give Grace information about the 1995 baby. The Dean “hypothetically” is terrified of incriminating herself so only gives Grace a folder with the name of the girl who died in the bathtub that night: Sophia Doyle. Grace is disappointed to discover she can’t be sure she is the baby in the bathtub because she believed her mother’s name was Mary Mulligan.

Grace and Pete return back to the asylum to find that the woman who had painted them earlier also has painted a portrait of Gigi and Gigi holding two babies, a boy and a girl. When Grace confronts Gigi about it, Gigi pushes it away as Grace’s inappropriate reaction to Gigi and Wes’ engagement leading Grace to leave in an angry huff and attempt to get more information from Wes. As she confronts Wes, Grace puts the pieces together, claiming that Wes knew Grace’s mother and if Gigi is the girl who had the baby at 53 Shady Lane then she too was in the Kappa House that night, meaning Wes also knew Gigi. Grace leaves by warning her father to watch out for what Grace is about to discover.

Chanel sits down with Grace to unload the hefty criminal record of Grace’s mom. A record that Chanel uses as leverage to prove Grace is just like her mother and is now killing everyone because of it. Grace’s mom, the president of Kappa in 1995, hooked up with student Wes Garner and some nine months later, had Grace. From there, Grace’s mother, formerly known as Bethany changed her name to Mary Mulligan to hide her criminal activity. She was arrested for drunk driving with a baby on her lap, on the roof of her car, larceny, possessing methamphetamine with the intent to distribute and much more. Wes sued and won custody of Grace before Mary Mulligan was killed in a drunk driving accident. Chanel orders Grace to stop killing everyone because of her mother and Grace slaps Chanel across the face before another storming out.

Wes confirms that Mary Mulligan’s criminal past is true and even claims to have set fire to their home to destroy any evidence for Grace to find out who her mother was. This is quite exasperated length to hide a criminal record from a child. Is there more to the story we haven’t heard yet?

Ryan Murphy gives us a little treat of information courtesy of a bearded Boone (Nick Jonas) donning an “Everyday I’m Muscling” shirt at the school gym. His cover his kept hidden, as the students around him believe he is Joaquin Phoenix. We assume he is on the phone with the other Red Devil, clueing us in that he has been killing people and that Gigi was the attacker dressed as Scalia at Dean Munsch’s house. Boone claims Gigi has gotten out of control and she needs to be stopped. It looks like the Red Devil clan is turning against each other.


If we can all pretend my previous Wes split personality disorder theory is in the realm of reason, tonight’s mirror shot of him, his face splitting into the different angles, was a major clue! He committed arson to hide evidence from Grace. This guy has a secret crazy side and maybe he doesn’t even know it because he has multiple personalities.

My Red Devil prediction is still Earl Grey. He has to be some muscle behind this and hopefully we will find out soon. As I have said earlier, he seems to always know where to witness a Red Devil incident or clue, and he is also into Zayday. Grey wasn’t in this week’s episode and he is sporadically shown. Without a constant appearance, we too easily forget about him, which is Murphy’s plan all along.

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