Pretty Evil: ‘Black Friday’

Dean Munsch would like Chanel to at least give the illusion that she is helping with dinner preparations. (Photo courtesy of FOX)
Dean Munsch would like Chanel to at least give the illusion that she is helping with dinner preparations. (Photo courtesy of FOX)

The Kappa sisters are ready to shop ‘til they drop, possibly literally with the Red Devil lurking on Black Friday. The appropriately titled episode begins on the best non Chanel-o-ween holiday of the year and leads the sisters to new discoveries and actions we never thought possible.

During a productive Black Friday shopping spree the Chanels are off to buy matching pink Jeeps when the mall lights go out and the doors are locked. The Red Devil comes to join in the holiday cheer with his/her crossbow. As dutiful Kappa president Chanel stays inside the mall to confront the Red Devil, whom she believes is Dean Munsch. Chanel is shot in the shoulder and falls when the new police chief, Denise, arrives at the scene. Because of Denise’s chatty nature, the Red Devil gets away.

Back at the Kappa House, the sisters sit down for a meeting where Chanel, riding on sweet painkillers after her injury, convinces them the Red Devil is Dean Munsch. Surprisingly, all sisters agree to poison Munsch, even Grace.

The Dickie Dollar Scholars are also having their weekly meeting; however, all the Scholars except Chad are dead. Instead, Chad has called over Pete to read the will of his late gay best friend. In the will, Boone has given over all his possessions to Pete. Chad is convinced that Pete and Boone must have been secret gay lovers. Pete finally comes clean and admits that Boone was his “Deep Throat” for his report on the Red Devil killings.

Later, Grace and Chanel sit down with Munsch with a plan to poison her with pufferfish venom Hester collected. The girls propose to start a millennial feminists club under the direction of Munsch. After some online sleuthing, the Kappa sisters discovered Munsch’s love for apple cider. After dropping a whole bottle of pufferfish venom into apple cider, Grace and Chanel offer Munsch a mason jar full to celebrate the beginning of the feminist club. Munsch downs the entire jar without a single poisonous symptom, other than a loud belch.

After the death of Gigi, Pete has joined Wes to try to find out any more info on her. Pete claims the psychiatric hospital gave him Gigi’s records. In the records the sleuths discover Gigi’s real name to be Jess Meyer and that her sister was the Kappa that took the babies that night. After trying to take care of them, it became too much and she committed suicide. That’s when Gigi took the babies and the Red Devil killings are a form of revenge on her sister’s death.

In a second attempt to kill Munsch the Chanels invite her to Cyro therapy with the intent of freezing her to death. As Munsch heads into the Cyro therapy capsule, she throws up a peace sign. Once the girls believe her to be frozen to death, she emerges chilled to the bone and feeling better than ever.

Even though campus has been shut down for quite some time, we find out Pete is still staying in his dorm room. He begins to furiously pack his belongings while he is on the phone with a mystery person. Pete states that he is now leaving campus because the point has been made and he doesn’t want whoever is calling him to call him anymore. Hanging up, Pete makes his way to his closet to stare at a Red Devil costume hanging along his clothes.

In a last attempt to kill Dean Munsch, Chanel devises a plan with the help of the smartphones she bought the sisters on Black Friday. However, the Chanels fail to meet Chanel at the school swimming pool when she texts the signal due to a lingerie shopping mess. Chanel #5 just wants sixe four lingerie to have size zero tags, it’s not that complicated! This leaves Chanel alone by the pool when Munsch arrives. Suspicious of the bag of chains Chanel has, Munsch questions her. Chanel can’t fake feminist things to cover up the killing scene and Munsch leaves.

At night, Grace enters Pete’s room, ready to sleep with him. She sees the packed up items and Pete lies about a camping trip to write. Grace proposes that she’s ready and Pete continues to deny her advances. Finally, Pete tells Grace that her first time shouldn’t be with a murderer.


In the first episode, Grace finds Pete’s Red Devil costume and he tells her that it’s for his job as the school mascot. But now do we know that’s true? Pete has been repeatedly missing throughout all the episodes, even from his job as a barista. Are we to assume he just suddenly quit or was it a cover up? If he is the Red Devil, it would explain his stalking of Chanel last year. He had to stalk her to find out secret entrances and all the ins and outs of Kappa. This would also make sense as to way Boone left everything to Pete, his only family. And you have to admit; Wes and Pete have pretty similar hair and a bond growing similar to a father and son relationship. Which would mean Grace is dating her half brother, but lets not get carried away.