‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Reunited and it feels so good

Tyrion goes on a diplomatic mission to try to convince slaveholders to abolish the practice. (Photo courtesy of HBO)
Tyrion goes on a diplomatic mission to try to convince slaveholders to abolish the practice. (Photo courtesy of HBO)

It’s about time we got some good news for some down and nearly out characters on “Game of Thrones.”

First, the long awaited Stark reunion. For a season fraught with waiting and long journeys, Sansa sure seemed to make it to Castle Black with Brienne relatively quickly – but never mind that. Sansa and Jon Snow’s reunion is the first time since season one – when Jon pledged his allegiance to the Night’s Watch – that the two have been together. Jon conveniently leaves out the fact that, you know, he died for a few days and came back with dark magic thanks to a priestess Sansa and Brienne hate, but let’s let them enjoy their soup together in peace for a while.

Melisandre is convinced that Jon is the new chosen one, and she’s pretty sure she’s actually right this time around. It does beg the question about why she was convinced to bring Jon back and leave Stannis dead in the forest after being executed by Brienne (did the Lord of Light stutter or something?).

After another conveniently quick journey – this time by sea – Theon comes home to his sister, Yara, who is making a bid to rule the Ironborn and really needs her brother to man up. However sweet, this storyline seems woefully tangential to the politics elsewhere, much like that of Dorne.

Likewise, the endgame of the High Sparrow – who has successfully broken the spirits of not only Cercei, but Margaery and Loras – is unclear. The past two episodes have seen him making personal pleas to win over the sympathy of Tommen and Margaery, but strong moms Cercei and Olenna won’t have it, and plans are made for the Tyrells to retake King’s Landing from the fanatics.

The High Sparrow’s goals cannot be as pure as he claims, but if wealth and ruling are not in his future, then what is?

Meanwhile, the ever-sunburnt, slowly grayscaling Jorah and resident bro-ish knight Daario stumble into a riotous Dothraki party to save Daenarys. She really doesn’t need the help though, and literally burns down the Dothraki patriarchy to claim her rule.

We know Daenarys can resist fire, as she did in season one, and her powers over flames and dragons can make her god-like in the eyes of others. And in a show that’s so ruthless when it comes to death, it’s interesting to note that the only other character to emerge nearly unscathed so far has been Jon Snow.


No one. This episode was pretty heartless.


Petyr Baelish is up to something. He lied to Robin Arryn about giving Sansa up to Ramsay, and convinces Robin to march to Winterfell. If it was not clear he always had his own selfish intentions at heart, it is now.


Ramsay (of course) kills Osha, the Wildling whose one job for the past few seasons was to protect Rickon. Also, all of the Dothraki leaders die in a fiery death and Daenarys emerges.


The Tyrells and Lannisters seem to have a reluctant alliance in their common enemy, the High Scepter. But assuming the Tyrells can retake King’s Landing, there’s no stopping them from overthrowing Tommen.

Stray Observation

When asked why he was heading south, Jon Snow said he wanted to warm up. Is the new Jon looking for a career in standup or something, because he should probably stick to saving the world.