Students report finding noose on campus


The university received multiple reports of a noose found on the Lincoln Park campus, according to a campus alert. The report comes during a week of tense climate following a campus-wide protest after a controversial speaker’s event.

“Late this afternoon we received multiple reports that a noose – a horrific symbol of racist intimidation – was found on the Lincoln Park campus,” the alert read. Several DePaul students on Twitter and Facebook voiced their concern about a noose being found on campus. A photo featuring a rope on a sidewalk is circulating on social media, though no discernible location is evident in that photo.

The university said that the situation is being investigated and that “those found to be responsible will be held accountable.” Those with information are urged to call Public Safety.

Earlier this week, a student painted the phrase “F— Mexico” on the Quad. The student was apprehended Tuesday afternoon and taken into custody by Chicago police.

Tuesday evening, a chaotic scene erupted after an event featuring controversial Breitbart reporter Milo Yiannopoulos was interrupted by two protesters. Event attendees and protesters outside spilled across campus as Yiannopoulos left the event, prompting tense discourse across campus.