Commander-in-Tweet: Pop-up showcases President Trump’s social media


“Deleted But Not Forgotten” showcases some of President Trump’s deleted tweets throughout his presidency, memorialized in gold plaques. (Ben Conboy/The DePaulia)

“The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” brought a museum-like exhibit satirizing President Trump’s Twitter feed to Chicago for the weekend of Oct. 20.

Originally debuted in Manhattan, New York, the Donald J. Trump Twitter Presidential Library was set up as a temporary pop-up inside Union Station. The Trump Presidential Twitter Library highlighted the president’s countless contradictory statements and featured interactive exhibits such as “Sad! A Retrospective” and  “Trump vs. Trump.”

According to a press release, “The Daily Show” team explained that every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has been honored with a meticulously curated memorial library commemorating the documents of historical value crafted during his time as a leader. To follow that hallowed tradition, the Trump Presidential Twitter Library, the first of its kind, was to showcase our Commander-in-Chief’s preferred vessel for communicating with the public,  his Twitter feed.

In an interview with Reuters, “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah said the library was aimed at assembling in one place “some of the greatest ideas that have ever been shared in 140 characters or less.”