Thrift stores from Armitage to Addison

Zoey Barnes, Focus Editor

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Digging through bins and scouting through racks of clothes can be an extremely arduous process to find one piece of clothing you like. But the benefits can outweigh the costs of thrift shopping. Living in a world through an eco-friendly lens, thrift shopping is one huge way to help the environment by not supporting corporations and reusing barely worn clothes.

Thrift shopping also has budget benefits for broke college students.

One could go into the Salvation Army Thrift Store, and leave with a bag filled for only $20. Sometimes, you can even make money thrift shopping when you sell your old clothes at consignment stores like Elliott Consignment or E-Drop Off Luxury Consignment. Many thrift stores, like Nearly New, Brown Elephant and Mount Sinai Resale, donate all proceeds to organizations around Chicago.

There are eight thrift shops that are all less than 1.5 miles from campus. From a short 10 minute walk to a short Brown Line ride to Wellington, one can sift through the thrift stores to find great deals of all kind.