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Talia Gierut’s outfit on her way to her classes on the Loop Campus.

Dressing up for class, love it or hate it?

Sarina Singh, Contributing Writer November 5, 2023

We may not have a Division I football team or a Greek row, but at least we don’t show up to class in a stained t-shirt and pajamas.  Campus culture varies depending on the location of your campus,...

Gabriel Murillo shows off his rings.

How men’s fashion is forming at DePaul this fall

Jonah Weber, Assistant Arts and Life Editor September 11, 2022

The fall quarter has begun at DePaul and young men are coming back in full force with their personal expressions through fashion. Returning and new students have shared what exactly they are wearing and...

Zoom Fashion: The New Phenomenon Amongst Students

Zoom Fashion: The New Phenomenon Amongst Students

Chinyere Ibeh, Focus Editor June 9, 2021

The world flipped on its head when everything went virtual in March 2020. One of the many aspects of life that changed would be how people dressed and presented themselves. Since everyone is confined...

The author and her father.

Like daughter, like father — we set fashion trends for our parents, too

Rebecca Meluch , Opinions Editor February 7, 2021

Every Christmas Eve, I used to pick out my father’s tie he would wear to mass. It was a tradition that started when I was a measly little first-grader.  He had just assumed I was picking out the...

Assorted Nike Dunks; the apparel company is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the SB Dunks this year.

‘Year of the Dunks’: Nike Dunks celebrate 15th anniversary in 2021

Maria Barragan, Contributing Writer January 24, 2021

We saw the versatility of the Nike SB Dunk expand from the Ben and Jerry's collaboration, to the bright orange Syracuse colorway. Now, the 1985 silhouette of the Dunk has made a very big return – and...

DePaul students Jacquie Michaels, Esther Ayaji and Belle Ross all try to continue their back to school fashion even when classes are all online.

Zoom looks lead 2020 fall fashion

Ava O'Malley, Contributing Writer October 4, 2020

Back before the coronavirus hit, a great deal of DePaul students stepped out in unique, expertly curated outfits. Walking from the Fullerton stop to the Quad on a busy Wednesday morning was a colorful...

Virginia Nielsen wears a mask while carrying shopping bags during the coronavirus outbreak in San Francisco, Thursday, May 7, 2020.

What to wear when you have nowhere to go

Carly Travis, Contributing Writer May 8, 2020

Being stuck at home, one might wonder if it even matters what they wear. Think again.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to merely switch in and out of pajamas all day,  it’s also fun to switch...

Colabora Louis Vuitton con Artesanos Oaxaqueños

Colabora Louis Vuitton con Artesanos Oaxaqueños

Adriana Talavera, Contributing Writer March 3, 2020

Una marca de lujo colabora con artesanos para iluminar a la cultura Oxacaqueña.  La ZonaMaco es una feria de arte contemporáneo, diseño, y fotografía llevada a cabo cada año en el centro citibanamex...

Ross, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls make budget shopping easy for students

Ross, T.J. Maxx and Marshalls make budget shopping easy for students

Keira Wingate, Assistant Arts & Life Editor January 12, 2020

Creating a space to call your own, finding stylish outfits or simply wanting warmly scented candles for a cheap price is a dream come true. Luckily, that dream is not out of reach with stores like Ross...

Jack Stevens, senior, enjoys thrifting to protect the environment.

Fall fashion trends on the rise as temperatures drop

Rebecca Meluch, Contributing Writer November 11, 2019

The temperature is now dropping below 40 degrees, our clocks are turned back, the sun is setting in the late afternoon, and fall fashion trends continue to develop . Red, yellow, green, and brown tints...

The different designs in ‘Beyond What We Wear’ are intended to show all Chicagoans that beauty extends beyond superficiality.

Models show off Mexican-Contemporary designs at Latinx Fashion Show

Hillary Flores, Social Media Editor September 30, 2019

Beauty is a six-letter word that takes on various meanings. But, is this word only skin-deep? This was the topic of conversation in the Latinx Fashion Show, “Beyond What We Wear,” on Sept. 24, hosted...

Moonhearts Gucci glasses are one of her favorite accessories. She said its the only Gucci item she owns.

Columbia College student dares to stand out in pink

Joey Cahue, Contributing Writer June 12, 2019

In a world of fitted black turtlenecks, cigarette skinny black slacks and leather loafers, only a few dare to add their own flare of style into their wardrobe. Those few are brighter than the sun as...

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