St. Vincent’s DeJamz 9-15-14

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(Graphic by Max Kleiner / The DePaulia)

(Graphic by Max Kleiner / The DePaulia)

From the blues to house to punk, Chicago has long been home to a thriving and vibrant music scene. But beyond the big acts of today hailing from our city—such as Kanye, Wilco or The Smashing Pumpkins – many up-and-coming acts are currently making their rounds in local clubs, bars and underground spaces. For those who are new to Chicago or those who may not be familiar, this mix is filled with picks from some of the best local bands coming out of the city today.

1. Twin Peaks – “Sloop Jay D”
Twin Peaks rose in popularity through the local house show circuit, and their sophomore effort proves that these kids are to be taken seriously. At 16 tracks long, “Wild Onion” is packed with feel-good garage pop hits, from bangers like “Flavor” to quieter jams like “Sloop Jay D.”

2. The Lemons – “Lemoncita”
The Lemons’ brand of sweet jangly pop is steeped in a nostalgia for times of beach boogies and jukeboxes. Just off their tour with Twin Peaks, their tracks are short and their muses are simple, and it is hard not to smile with these puckery tunes.

3. The Yolks –“Baby, I Want Your Number”
Garage rock outfit The Yolks’ latest full-length on local label Randy Records explores their more laid back side. Filled with chugging blues riffs, gentle “oohs,” and fuzzy melodies, “Kings of Awesome!” is a scrappy rock gem.

4. White Mystery – “Good Girl”
Brother and sister duo White Mystery have long been supportive mainstays in the local scene. Armed with a handful of heavy-hitting rock releases, the two have toured extensively both locally and internationally.

5. Pink Frost – “Western Child”
Occasionally likened to Chicago legends The Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Frost embrace alternative rock to its fullest potential. “Western Child” opens their sophomore album, “Sundowning”, with a menacing and grungy bang.

6. My Gold Mask – “Battles”
My Gold Mask creates sinister electro pop driven by anxious and percussive rhythms. With lead woman Gretta Rochelle’s piercing vocals, their sound is emotive and spacious.