Lincoln Park crime increases in August

During August, 14 violent crimes were reported in Lincoln Park. (DePaulia file photo)
During August, 14 violent crimes were reported in Lincoln Park. (DePaulia file photo)

Despite much of the coverage of crime in August focused on the city’s South and West sides, 14 violent crimes were reported last month in Lincoln Park, eight of which were robberies.

The crime reports for Lincoln Park, published by Chicago Tribune, also include four crimes of battery, one assault and one sexual assault, which, when added to the 213 property crimes and 45 quality of life crimes brings the number of reported crimes to 272. Most of the crimes happened between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. The most reports, six, came at 1 a.m.

However, crime during the summer months has not changed the way many go about their daily routines in the neighborhood.

“Crime always happens in the summertime. The impact of the heat and tourism just forces people to be more proactive with their crime,” sophomore Charia McDonald, a resident of Clifton-Fullerton Hall, said. “I feel the same level of safety no matter where I am. In all honesty, bad stuff can happen to you in the South Side, in the suburbs, anywhere.”

The overall crime report showed that violent, property, and quality-of-life crimes decreased 20 percent year over year, meaning that comparisons are based on the difference in total crimes in a category for the same 30-day category the previous year. It also showed .2 violent crimes per one thousand people in Lincoln Park over the past 30 days.

Though crime rose during the 30-day period, the crime rate for Lincoln Park is substantially lower than other neighborhoods that border it and those in the rest of the Chicagoland area. Many students already have a system in place for traveling at night, if they must, and the overall knowledge that Lincoln Park is a safe area has ensured that many don’t feel too worried about crimes that may occur in the area.

“I feel very safe having been born and raised in Chicago and now living near Lincoln Park,” said Chris Coseglia, who lives off campus in the area. “You’ve just gotta be smart and aware at all times. I always travel with others once it gets dark, but crime happens. People are more likely to go outside during the summertime than when it’s Chiberia outside.”

The number of crimes reported in this 30-day period was less than the number reported in June, which showed 18 violent crimes, 242 property crimes and 51 quality of life crimes. The Chicago Police Department, while not immediately available for comment, offers crime prevention education to help residents avoid being a victim.