Not all sunscreen allowed at Lollapalooza 2019 gates

Lollapalooza attendees are no longer allowed to bring in sunscreen, including rub-on sunscreen, which was originally allowed, into the festival grounds.

“Some people are using the containers to bring in alcohol, so they’re not letting anyone take it in,” a staff member said at the north most general admissions entrance when The DePaulia asked why people were being asked to leave their bottles outside.

Today’s weather is expected to be sunny and reach 80 degrees.

Staff are asking that attendees put sunscreen on before entering the grounds, and have not indicated whether this rule will be lifted throughout the remainder of the festival.

UPDATE 8/3/19:

As of Saturday morning, staff told The DePaulia that  non-aerosol sunscreen was being allowed into the grounds again, which is what their rule guide originally dictated. They added that they were told by their higher-ups that they need to be more strict about the original guidelines sent out to festival goers.

But some attendees entering at different gates said they were unclear of the rules and had left sunscreen at home due to the prior day’s holdup.

Staff told The DePaulia that these updates had been spelled out on the festival’s website.