What’s Fresh: Haunted


Photo from IMDB

Netflix’s “Haunted” remains consistently scary throughout its six-episode run. Each episode begins with an individual explaining their paranormal experiences in a dimly lit, gothic-style living room to loved ones. The emotion is so raw, from the narrator and listeners, you can’t help but feel bad for what they’ve endured, even if you’re a skeptic. Sprinkled throughout the emotional narration are scenes that depict the encounters, which are high in not only production value, but are also genuinely scary.

Each tale has its own unique component that makes it so frightening. “The Mimic” features a grotesque creature, while a stereotypical young girl in braids that’s actually a demon terrorizes the woman in “Spirits From Below.” Humans are the evil entities in “Cult of Torture,” which details the abuse endured by a man in a gay conversion program.