Special Issue: Election 2020

After a hectic campaigning season, President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden will face off in an election unlike any before. While a vast number of voters have already cast their ballots by mail due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Tuesday marks the beginning of the end of the 2020 Election.

In aim of better grasping what’s to come, The DePaulia took a look at a number of issues facing American voters this election cycle.

Law co-written by DePaul students provides inmates voting access, education

  • By Lacey Latch, Editor-in-Chief

Leftists struggle with voting ‘blue’ as Democrats court moderates, conservatives

  • By Ella Lee, Print Managing Editor

Biden leads in swing states as election nears

  • By Emma Oxnevad, Online Managing Editor

OPINION: Congresswomen of color deserve better

  • By Nadia Hernandez, Assistant News Editor

Harris’ past prosecutorial record raises questions in some voters

  • By Cailey Gleeson, News Editor

OPINION: Purposefully mispronouncing Kamala Harris’ name is racist, plain and simple

  • By Duaa Israr, Contributing Writer