Questions for Quinn: Covid conversations, beating the pandemic blues

Emma asked: “How do I distance myself from a friend that’s been reckless in regards to Covid-19?”

Answer: Hey Emma! This is a great question and is super relevant to many people’s lives right now. I think we all have moments where all we want is to hang out with a certain friend of ours. However, no amount of fun with a friend is worth someone potentially losing their life — whether that be you, your friend, or a loved one; it’s simply not worth it. 

The best thing you can do is be straight up with your friend. The conversation doesn’t have to be judgmental — it is simply an expression of your own concern, discomfort, and level of care. And besides, any true friend will respect your feelings.


Caitlyn asked: “Halloween was fun but I feel like I wasn’t safe enough in terms of social distancing. What should I do now?”

Answer: For starters, I respect you for actually inquiring and caring enough to know that you may have not been as responsible as you wish you were. I would say that the best thing to do now is self-isolate for two weeks and get tested. It’s never too late to be responsible. We all make mistakes, but acknowledging and taking steps to right your wrongs is a huge testament to your character!


Ben asked: “I’m really starting to feel the effects of the pandemic weighing on me. I just wanted to ask you for some tips to force myself out of the funk I’ve found myself in.”

Answer: Ben! I, and I’m sure many others, know exactly how you’re feeling. It’s almost as if every time I feel like i’m getting used to the current conditions, I find myself in a funk all over again. 

What I would say, from my own experience, is try your best to avoid self-sabotaging. Force yourself to do the assignments you’re supposed to do. Force yourself to complete that passion project you’ve been putting off because it seems like too much work. Don’t binge watch TV for days on end and cut yourself off from the world. Take the necessary steps to do the things that make you happy, not what’s always easiest and most comfortable. I really really hope that helps and remember, we are all in this together! Literally!